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Rearing Conventions
Episode Information
Kanji 飼育の作法
Rōmaji Shīku no Sahō
Air date October 25, 2012
Opening Abnormalize
Ending Monster Without a Name
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Those Capable
Nobody Knows Your Mask

Rearing Conventions is the third episode of Psycho-Pass.


Division 01 is called to the Hachioji drone plant to investigate another dismembering incident (the victim is Daisuke Shioyama). Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza and Enforcer Tomomi Masaoka have a heated disagreement. When Inspector Akane Tsunemori questions Ginoza, he tells her she's a fool to treat the Enforcers as peers rather than subordinates. The manager of the plant, Kuraudo Goda, swears the dismembering is an accident, but Division 1 suspects otherwise when they notice a plant worker being bullied by the others. Without the Sibyl System they have no way of identifying the killer, but the Enforcers cook up a wild plan that terrifies Tsunemori ‒ but nonetheless succeeds.




List of characters in order of appearance:


  • In the novel adaption the situation is wholly different Yuji Kanehara is a visual drug dealer, Shogo Makishima is the supplier and there are underlings with whom Division 01 must deal.
  • When Ginoza scrolls the files of the personnel on his holo device, the last displayed is Kanehara's.
  • "Johnny Mnemonic" is written on Kanehara's floppy disk.
  • When Kogami enforces him, Kanehara's Crime Coefficient is 265.
  • "Johnny Mnemonic" refers to a 1995 cyberpunk action film about a data courier carrying a data package (inside his head) that must be delivered before he dies from the burden or is killed by the Yakuza.[1]


They say that fools learn from their experiences, while the wise learn from history. I hope you're not a fool."
— Nobuchika Ginoza to Akane Tsunemori

"I see. So you've decided to be fool after all. You may be new, but you're still an Inspector. If you think you can keep those hunting dogs under control, you're welcome to try. [...] Since you insist on being a fool, you should try learning through experience like one. That's the fastest route to understanding things."
— Nobuchika Ginoza to Akane Tsunemori

"You brought this on yourselves. [...] Once you are gone, my Hue can be cleansed! [...] I won't let you get away. I'll never let you get away. I'll kill you, right here and now!"
— Yuji Kanehara to Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori

"Why... Why would you do something so reckless?! (Tsunemori)

  • "This is about finding the truth behind a matter of life and death! Of course we'd need to put our lives in the line!" (Kogami)

— Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kogami exchange

"He said that he wanted to be a detective, not just a hunting dog. But the look in his eyes... was unmistakably... that of a carnivore which had cornered its prey."
— Akane Tsunemori as a voice over