Rearing Conventions
Episode Information
Kanji 飼育の作法
Rōmaji Shīku no Sahō
Air date October 25, 2012
Opening Abnormalize
Ending Monster Without a Name
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Those Capable
Nobody Knows Your Mask

Rearing Conventions is the third episode of Psycho-Pass.


Division 1 is called to the Hachioji drone plant to investigate another dismembering incident (the victim is Daisuke Shioyama). Ginoza and Masaoka have a heated disagreement and when Tsunemori questions Ginoza, he tells her she's a fool to treat the Enforcers as peers rather than subordinates. The manager of the plant, Kuraudo Goda, swears the dismembering is an accident, but Division 1 suspects otherwise when they notice a plant worker being bullied by the others. Without the Sibyl System they have no way of identifying the killer, but the Enforcers cook up a wild plan that terrifies Tsunemori ‒ but nonetheless succeeds.


  • In the novel adaption the situation is wholly different Kanehara is a visual drug dealer, Makishima is the supplier and there are underlings with whom Division 1 must deal.
  • When Ginoza scrolls the files of the personnel on his holo device, the last displayed is Kanehara's one.
  • "Johnny Mnemonic" is written on Kanehara's floppy disk.
  • When Kogami enforces him, Kanehara's Crime Coefficient is 265.


  • "They say that fools learn from their experiences, while the wise learn from history. I hope you're not a fool."— Nobuchika Ginoza to Akane Tsunemori
  • "I see. So you've decided to be fool after all. You may be new, but you're still an Inspector. If you think you can keep those hunting dogs under control, you're welcome to try. [...] Since you insist on being a fool, you should try learning through experience like one. That's the fastest route to understanding things."— Nobuchika Ginoza to Akane Tsunemori
  • "You brought this on yourselves. [...] Once you are gone, my Hue can be cleansed! [...] I won't let you get away. I'll never let you get away. I'll kill you, right here and now!"— Yuji Kanehara to Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori
  • "Why... Why would you do something so reckless?!"— Akane Tsunemori to Shinya Kogami
    • "This is about finding the truth behind a matter of life and death! Of course we'd need to put our lives in the line!"— Shinya Kogami's reply
  • "We've already caught the criminal red-handed! We need to call for backup and..."— Akane Tsunemori to Shinya Kogami
  • "He said that he wanted to be a detective, not just a hunting dog. But the look in his eyes... was unmistakably... that of a carnivore which had cornered its prey."— Akane Tsunemori as a voice over