The Language of the Chinese Orchid
Episode Information
Kanji 紫蘭の花言葉
Rōmaji Shiran no Hanakotoba
Air date November 23, 2012
Opening Abnormalize
Ending Monster Without a Name
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Return of the Lunatic Prince
And Then, Silence

The Language of the Chinese Orchid is the seventh episode of Psycho-Pass.


After realizing that the recent murders and the Specimen Case are indeed connected, Ginoza takes Kogami off the case and requests Tsunemori to watch over him. Tsunemori discusses Sasayama's murder with Kogami, and he shows her his one piece of evidence: a blurry image of Makishima. Meanwhile, Makishima, in a study with Toyohisa Senguji, reveals the circumstances of Roichi Oryo's death and the nature of the shortened life expectancy. Later, Oryo's daughter Rikako Oryo, continues her crimes with the help of Makishima's colleague, Gu-sung Choe, and abducts another fellow student who is worried about her friend's disappearance.


  • "Whoah! You've got the sparring programme on the highest difficulty level! Are you really human, Kogami?"— Akane Tsunemori to Shinya Kogami
  • "Our weapons are powerful, but it's for that very reason that their users have to be even stronger. In the end, the Dominator doesn't kill people. I do. In order to keep that in mind, I have to feel the pain here."— Shinya Kogami to Akane Tsunemori
  • "I lost count of how many times he tried to grab Karanomori and Kunizuka's butts."— Shinya Kogami to Akane Tsunemori— (on Sasayama's misogyny)
  • "My father used dismembered bodies as the subject of many of his drawings. That's because they symbolize the contradictory nature of the self. I had great respect for my father. He was aware of his obligation as an artist and continued to focus intently on using his creations to enlighten people. I think even now that he was a great artist indeed. That's why I simply can't forgive him for abandoning that duty halfway through. Yesterday, my father passed away. He's been as good as dead for a while, but finally even his heart gave in. But I'm okay. I'm not sad. I, his daughter, will carry out my father's duty together with you all. Don't you think that's wonderful? It's exciting, isn't it, Yoshika?"— Rikako Oryo to dead Yoshika Okubo