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Fruit of Paradise
Episode Information
Kanji 楽園の果実
Rōmaji Rakuen no Kajitsu
Air date December 7, 2012
Opening Abnormalize
Ending Monster Without a Name
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And Then, Silence
Methuselah's Game

Fruit of Paradise is the ninth episode of Psycho-Pass.


In attempting to track down Shogo Makishima, Shinya Kogami takes Akane Tsunemori to visit his former teacher, Joji Saiga, who agrees to give her a crash course on criminal profiling; however, Nobuchika Ginoza reprimands her harshly which results in an argument. Afterwards, Tomomi Masaoka explains to her Ginoza's attitude by revealing his past. In the meantime, Makishima discusses humanity and philosophy with Toyohisa Senguji who, in an earlier interview, reveals himself to be nearly a full android.




List of characters in order of appearance:


  • Candy assumes Tsunemori is going on a date because she orders her to purchase the real costume for the next day after trying the hologram which she usually doesn't do.
  • We learn that the fictitious name used by Makishima at Oso Academy (Shibata Yukimori) is in fact the real name of a retired art teacher.
  • Senguji makes a whole pipe collection out of Rikako Oryo's bones and uses them to smoke.
  • Kogami compliments Tsunemori's costume when she brings him back to his NONA tower dorm room.[1]
  • Masaoka has a coffee can at the drinks dispenser.
  • Several of the Japanese voice actors for the nameless minor characters present in this episode also voice minor characters in later episodes: Yuichi Karasuma in 0115 The Town Where Sulfur Falls, Isamu Yusen in 0116 The Gates of Judgment, and Ayumi Fujimura in 0117 Heart of Iron.
  • Yuichi Karasuma, one of the minor character Japanese voice actors, is erroneously credited as "Yuichi Torimaru" in the English home video release.
    • This error is rectified with his role in episode 15.


"Come with me. I'd like to talk with you." (Ginoza)

  • "What is it? If you have a problem with me, just spit it out." (Kogami)

"I'm sorry. [...] It was me who got emotional. Looks like your culprit was real after all." (Ginoza)

  • "Don't worry about it. If you took everything Enforcers said seriously, you'd be a poor Inspector. That's how is it, right?" (Kogami)

"But..." (Ginoza)

  • "It feels like my quarry's tail just brushed the tip of my nose. I'm feeling better than I have in a long time, Gino." (Kogami)

— Nobuchika Ginoza and Shinya Kogami's conversation

"It's said that God created man in his own image. Isn't it about time for us humans to become a little more like God? [...] For example, take yourself. You're quite the cyborg too. [...] You do, however, carry some form of portable information terminal, am I right? [...] A costume device, too? [...] And at home, you probably have home automation and an AI secretary. [...] What would happen to you if all the data in those devices was lost due to some kind of disaster or accident? [...] When you entrust so much of your everyday life to those electronic devices, the argument that you're not a cyborg isn't very convincing. To you, those portable terminals are already your second brain. Isn't that right? It can be said that the history of science is a history of the expansion of the human body's functionality. In other words, the history of man's cyberization."
— Toyohisa Senguji during an interview

"You seem like someone who'd dive right to the bottom... and yet come back safely." (Tsunemori)

  • "Well, I don't know about that. ... At least, the Sibyl System decided that I couldn't come back." (Kogami)

— Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kogami's exchange

"With all that in mind, I think I can arrange for your next prey to be most exquisite indeed." (Makishima)

  • "Oh?..." (Senguji)

"It's an Enforcer from the Public Safety Bureau." (Makishima)

  • "The Bureau." (Senguji)

"His name is..." (Makishima)
— Shogo Makishima and Toyohisa Senguji's exchange

"It's... It's certainly true that I'm new here. You're my senior, Inspector Ginoza, and I respect that. But please don't forget that we're on equal footing in terms of our rank! I'm managing my hue just fine. You may be my senior, but I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from questioning my ability at the workplace and in front of the Enforcers!"
— Akane Tsunemori to Nobuchika Ginoza

"I've no interest in capturing him alive. Is that okay with you?" (Senguji)

  • "Of course. What would even be the point?" (Makishima)

"It seems that you haven't noticed it yourself, so I'll tell you this: Kogami Shinya. [...] That name always seems to bring a smile to your face." (Senguji)
— Toyohisa Senguji and Shogo Makishima's exchange