Methuselah's Game
Episode Information
Kanji メトスラの遊戯
Rōmaji Metosura no Yūgi
Air date December 14, 2012
Opening Abnormalize
Ending Monster Without a Name
Episode Guide
Fruit of Paradise
Saint's Supper

Methuselah's Game is the tenth episode of Psycho-Pass.


Makishima and Senguji set up a hunt by using Tsunemori's friend, Yuki Funahara, as bait to lure Kogami into an abandoned subway station. Upon entering the station, Kogami discovers Funahara in a train car and loses contact with Tsunemori; the two must evade Senguji and his canine drones as a curious Makishima observes from above. Ginoza scolds Tsunemori for letting Kogami go on his own but Masaoka chastises him over his treatment of her. Meanwhile, Makishima rigs the hunt to give Kogami a chance to create a working transponder and, as a result, Kogami makes contact with the group outside and they go in after him.


  • The weapon provision system offers Kogami only an electric rod and anesthetic spray because there has been no crime detected yet.
  • The code Kogami mentions, Code 108, means a case in which the enemy has an intention to kill an officer of the MWPSB.[1]


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