Sweet Poison
Episode Information
Kanji 甘い毒
Rōmaji Amai Doku
Air date January 24, 2013
Opening Out of Control
Ending All Alone With You
Episode Guide
Invitation from the Abyss
The Town Where Sulfur Falls

Sweet Poison is the fourteenth episode of Psycho-Pass.


A man in a helmet breaks into a pharmacy, kills the staff, and departs with drugs. When the MWPSB arrives on the scene, they find his Crime Coefficient was not high enough to set off the alarm. The same man attacks a woman in public, brutally beating her to death with a hammer in front of a crowd and a Psycho-Pass scanner. Later, the team learn that more culprits, wearing the same helmets, rob an armored car. Kogami deduces that the second crime would have a motive, leading their investigation to a man named Junmei Ito who had a grudge against the victim. As Ito attempts to escape, Kogami deduces that the helmets copy the low Crime Coefficients of innocent bystanders, thus help criminals avoid apprehension. With Tsunemori and Masaoka's help, he apprehends the murderer.