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The Scales of Justice <299/300>
Episode Information
Kanji 正義の天秤 <299/300>
Rōmaji Seigi no Tenbin <299/300>
Air date October 9, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
Episode Guide
Perfect World
The Creeping Unknown

The Scales of Justice <299/300> is the first episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


An explosion occurs in broad daylight and despite having no casualties, it captures the attention of the Public Safety Bureau. The police's investigation identifies the culprit as Akira Kitazawa, a demolitions expert whose career staggered after it was confirmed that his crime coefficient tends to increase under pressure. Upon locating Kitazawa's hideout, Inspector Akane Tsunemori realizes that he is setting a trap for them and disobeys her orders to advance and confront him. Her assumptions are proven correct and Kitazawa escapes, taking Maki Shimizu as a hostage, whom he soon releases. Certain that the hostage is actually a hologram with another trap, Division 01 keeps pursuing Kitazawa and upon cornering him, Tsunemori notices that his Crime Coefficient is just a little over the minimum required for the Dominator to enter into execution mode and decides to calm him down instead of killing him. Her plan works and she knocks him out with the paralyzing mode when his Crime Coefficient drops to the non-lethal levels. Elsewhere, Inspector Mizue Shisui and her partner Enforcer Akira Yamatoya are sent to follow the hologram, who is revealed to actually be Kirito Kamui. This man does not register on her Dominator, and he injects Shisui with some kind of drug that paralyzes her. He kisses her, then takes her hand and makes her use her Dominator to kill Yamatoya, leaving behind the message "WC?," written in blood.




List of characters in order of appearance:


  • Kitazawa's Crime Coefficient is initially given as 302 before falling to 299.4, both measured by Tsunemori.


"Is that because you're worried about my Psycho-Pass getting clouded? Don't underestimate me. I've been working as an Public Safety Bureau#The Inspectors|Inspector for a year and a half now. I'm capable of keeping my own Psycho-Pass clear." (Shimotsuki)

  • "She sure is confident." (Ginoza)

Mika Shimotsuki to Akane Tsunemori with Nobuchika Ginoza commenting

"No, that's not true. You are needed! [...] And so are the bombs you made. [...] Society doesn't always do what's right. That's exactly why we ourselves must live virtuous lives. You desire to right a wrong along with your skills are both needed in this society. Society is comprised of individuals. By living a virtuous life, you guide society towards the path of virtue. Your sense of justice is noble." (Tsunemori)

  • "You're not just a cog in the machine. Even if society pressures you, as long as you have the spirit to resist, you are a human being."

— Akane Tsunemori and Sakuya Togane to Akira Kitazawa

"I'm going to administer justice."
— Akane Tsunemori to herself

"Inspector Tsunemori... You are... wrong."
— Mika Shimotsuki to herself

"The fact that something is false does not negate its existence. You guys failed to recognize that... That's why ... I am here."
— Kirito Kamui to Mizue Shisui

"That's right. [...] It's a new start. [...] The start of my own personal battle to determine who I am."
—Akane Tsunemori (voice over)