The Creeping Unknown
Episode Information
Kanji 忍び寄る虚実
Rōmaji Shinobiyoru Kyojitsu
Air date October 16, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
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The Scales of Justice
The Devil's Proof

The Creeping Unknown is the second episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


While trying to determine the meaning of the "WC?" message, Akane Tsunemori goes with Enforcer Togane to interrogate Kitazawa, who claims that someone else helped keeping his Crime Coefficient down and was responsible for the fake hostage, though another Inspector, Aoyanagi, does not believe this to be true. Later, as Karanomori and Enforcer Hinakawa learn that the fake hostage was an elaborately detailed hologram modeled after someone who died years ago, Kitazawa's Crime Coefficient suddenly drops below that of a latent criminal, resulting in him being transferred to a general medical facility. Shortly afterwards, Tsunemori discovers another "WC?" message scrawled in her apartment, before being alerted that Kitazawa has attacked Aoyanagi and escaped, believing that his claimed assistant was the one who set up his escape route. Kitazawa is cornered by Tsunemori's group, uttering the name "Kamui" before he is eliminated by Aoyanagi, his last words leading Tsunemori to realize that "WC?" actually stands for "What Color?".


  • "Following the book doesn't always give the best results. You should keep that in mind." Nobuchika Ginoza to Mika Shimotsuki
  • "Says the guy who thinks it means "restroom"?! What's the point of writing restroom on a wall? Maybe you gotta go? Then go on, no one's stopping you!" — Shimotsuki to Ginoza
  • "What color? Yeah, right now you're the color of raw sewage." — Risa Aoyanagi to Akira Kitazawa before killing him
  • "How foolish the Public Safety Bureau is... He could've been made clear again. He still could've been saved. Akane Tsunemori... I had even expected you to understand." — Kirito Kamui


  • Togane's cigarette and Tsunemori's bottled water are the same brand of those Kogami uses.