The Salvation of Job
Episode Information
Kanji ヨブの救済
Rōmaji Yobu no Kyūsai
Air date October 30, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
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The Devil's Proof
Unforbidden Games

The Salvation of Job is the fourth episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


Tsunemori attempts to interrogate Masuda about Kamui, but he claims not to know him. Meanwhile, in the medical facility, Koki Mima has his hostages stripped and starts killing them one by one to raise their stress levels, claiming to be a savior in the name of Kamui. Aoyanagi manages to retrieve her Dominator, but discovers the culprit is still below enforcement level while the hostages are above, claiming to have had "eustress deficiency," believed to be an urban legend. After having Saiga look at the equipment Masuda used prior to his arrest, Tsunemori theorizes that Kamui is somewhere within the medical facility, believing that he is somehow able to use Dominators. When Division 3 is sent to take over from Shimotsuki's group, Aoyanagi manages to take Mima by surprise and undo the locks. However, she and all the other hostages are killed by Division 3 as a result of their high Crime Coefficients, while Mima is also executed after bidding farewell to Kamui, who had learned that Inspectors can also be judged by Dominators. Arriving on the scene to find a bloodbath, Tsunemori discovers what is left of Aoyanagi and yet another "WC?" message.


  • "Let the stress in... It's the proof that we are alive in this world" ‒ Koki Mima
  • "Don't worry. Trust me. I'll save everyone without fail... because that's my job" ‒ Risa Aoyanagi
  • "It'll be a problem if a groundless delusion such as eustress deficiency is spread... though no one in this society would believe such a delusion" Joshu Kasei
  • "A ghost... Even if we can't see them, we can still follow their trail" ‒ Akane Tsunemori


  • The opening is still different from those of other episodes. Black lines appear at the intervals of the scenes.
  • Generally, Risa Aoyanagi, probably along with her ex-colleagues, Ginoza and Kogami, is considered similar with the Bible character Job, who firmly believed in God but was badly hurt by the bet of Satan and Jehovah. Her attempt to kill the criminal with weapons other than the Dominator, which like that she lost the belief of Sibyl System, in the last moment of her life, probably caused her death.