Unforbidden Games
Episode Information
Kanji 禁じられない遊び
Rōmaji Kinjirarenai Asobi
Air date November 6, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
Episode Guide
The Salvation of Job
Those Who Cast Stones

Unforbidden Games is the fifth episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


As the MWPSB investigate the crime scene, Shimotsuki spots Togane secretly checking up on Tsunemori's Crime Coefficient. The next day, as new Enforcers are brought in, both Division 1 and 3 are sent to investigate a drone warehouse, where Tsunemori and Togane discover a hidden area behind a holographic wall, finding masks of people's faces and another "WC?" message. Just then, the drones in the factory start activating and shooting down innocents, unknowingly being controlled by people playing a "Hungry Chicken" smartphone game, including Inspector Moe Suzuki. Meanwhile, as Saiga is tasked with interrogating Masuda, deducing from footage of his speeches that he is in fact a different person entirely, Shimotsuki investigates Togane's quarters and discovers an obsessive amount of files and photos of Tsunemori, with marks analysing her facial expressions and notes.


  • "Game start, MWPSB."— Kirito Kamui to himself


  • At the beginning of the episode, Tsunemori's Crime Coefficient is 26.3 when Togane scans her.
  • Togane's quarters number is 103-0026.