Those Who Cast Stones
Episode Information
Kanji 石を擲つ人々
Rōmaji Ishi o Nageutsu Hitobito
Air date November 13, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
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Unforbidden Games
Untraceable Children

Those Who Cast Stones is the sixth episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


Karanomori manages to determine the drones are being remotely controlled by unaware citizens playing a video game, which Tsunemori believes to be connected to Kamui's messages. While Karanomori works to prevent the game from being spread any further, Tsunemori realizes there is someone with a Dominator targeting Enforcers that stray from their Inspectors, learning that Kamui's true mission is to retrieve Dominators. Tsunemori decides to pursue whoever is wielding the Dominators, managing to take out most of the drones by exploiting their weakness. When the game hacks into police drones instead, Karanomori and Hinakawa use a program to hack into the game's cloud server and show all of the players what they were really doing, despite Shimotsuki's objections that it would raise everyone's Crime Coefficient. Tsunemori soon confronts Kamui, who escapes with Shisui when Tsunemori prevents Togane from using a traditional gun against him.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Togane says that he has only three Destroy Decomposer shots left. But he has already fired on a drone (before the opening) to cover Tsunemori. So, a Dominator can fire a maximum of four Decomposer shots.
  • In this episode, Kamui retrieved five Dominators.
  • After the destruction of the most of the drones, Akane retrieved an assault rifle on a destroyed drone (despite of Ginoza's opinion).
  • The name of the ship on which Kamui fled was "What Color."
  • The MWPSB casualties of this episode are Kaede Hasuike who was killed by Shisui, Tsubaki Aikawa who was lethally eliminated by Kamui, Moe Suzuki who was shot to death by drones, and Kaname Shinjo who was also killed by Kamui. Inspector Shuichiro Domoto and Enforcer Teppei Sugo suffered injuries due to the renegade drones.
  • Enforcer Tetsuya Hyodo is paralyzed by Kamui.



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