Untraceable Children
Episode Information
Kanji 見つからない子供たち
Rōmaji Mitsukaranai Kodomo-tachi
Air date November 20, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
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Those Who Cast Stones
Conception of the Oracle <AA>

Untraceable Children is the seventh episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


As Shimotsuki's group handles the aftermath of the incident, apprehending those that were still playing the game regardless, Tsunemori tries to determine Kamui's motives behind obtaining Dominators, finding Togane to be a lot like her old partner, Shinya Kogami. After checking up on her grandmother, Tsunemori confronts Kasei on why she hasn't deactivated Shisui's Dominator privileges, deducing that Kamui is someone that Sibyl has decided cannot be integrated into their network of brains. Meanwhile, Shimotsuki looks up Togane's background from files obtained from his computer, learning all of the Inspectors he had previously worked with became latent criminals and were executed, unaware that Togane has found out she raided his room. As the group gets together to examine evidence found in Kamui's hideout, Hinakawa discovers Kamui had used a hologram during the clinical incident which, along with the earlier hologram from the first incident, was also taken from a child who died in a plane accident fifteen years ago, which the group discover Kamui was the only survivor of. Tsunemori apprehends Yohei Masuzaki, a surgeon who previously operated on Kamui and is in cahoots with him, and has Saiga interrogate him, while Shimotsuki decides to investigate on her own after discovering the link to Masuzaki's medical files may be linked to Togane's corporation. After Hinakawa creates holograms of all 185 victims of the place crash, the group discover Kamui has dozens of followers right underneath their noses.



  • One of the files on Shimotsuki's computer reveals that Togane's Crime Coefficient was once recorded at 769 on June 2083.