Conception of the Oracle <AA>
Episode Information
Kanji 巫女の懐胎<AA>
Rōmaji Miko no Kaitai <AA>
Air date November 27, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
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Untraceable Children
Omnipotence Paradox

Conception of the Oracle is the eighth episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


Masuzaki explains to Saiga how Kamui received parts from the other 184 bodies in his surgery, including seven brains, resulting in him becoming someone who cannot be measured by his Psycho-Pass, going on to explain that Kamui's goal is to overturn the entire Sibyl System. Meanwhile, Shimotsuki, who had been investigating Togane Foundation's patent on the surgery, learns that Kamui had last accessed the file before her. Looking over Masuzaki's testimony, including how he killed people of influence and replaced them with imposters, Tsunemori and the others deduce that all of the 184 holo victims are Kamui's personas, while the imposters that were used as replacements were illegal immigrants. Shimotsuki discovers the patents owned by the Togane Foundation were filed by Togane's mother, Misako Togane, who died five years ago, believing Kamui's goal may be to get revenge against the Togane Foundation. Shimotsuki tries filing a report to Kasei have Tsunemori dismissed from the MWPSB, feeling she is a danger to the operation. However, this turns out to be a trap laid out by Kasei, who is revealed to be Misako Togane herself, who decides to use her as a test subject and show her the truth behind Sibyl.


  • The episode contains many flashbacks:
  • The brand of nail polish Joshu Kasei uses is Christian Louboutin.
  • According to Shimotsuki's report, this episode takes place on November 27, 2114.
  • Joshu Kasei said that <AA> equals "Apriori Acquit" (also written a priori acquit), which means having a "criminally asymptomatic nature". It refers to criminally asymptomatic people such as Makishima and Sibyl's members.
  • When Togane grabbed Shimotsuki just before they revealed Sibyl's true identity, she lost her hair elastic.