Gauging the Soul
Episode Information
Kanji 魂の基準
Rōmaji Tamashī no Kijun
Air date December 11, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
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Omnipotence Paradox
What Color?

Gauging the Soul is the tenth episode of Psycho-Pass 2.


Kamui floods the subway in order to take 500 train passengers hostage, freely using the Dominators to try and spark an overload in the Sibyl System and access its bypass system. Meanwhile, Kasei orders Tsunemori to assassinate Kamui by setting off a detonation that would kill all the hostages, using the news that her grandmother has been found dead to drive her towards that goal. While hesitating over what she should do, Kogami appears in Tsunemori's conscience, encouraging her not to abandon her own values and to find another option that doesn't necessarily involve killing. Tsunemori gets into contact with Kamui and then confronts Kasei directly as Misako Togane, stating her desire to overcome her plans. While Kamui manages to stop the detonation and releases the hostages, Tsunemori confronts Togane, having deduced his true nature and goal, before Kamui appears before them, preparing to fire his Dominator at Togane, while Togane prepares to kill him with a knife.


  • "Your existence demeans my mother. So... you cannot exist!" - "Be gone, you pitch-black soul." ‒ Sakuya Togane's and Kirito Kamui's exchange