What Color?
Episode Information
Air date December 18, 2014
Opening Enigmatic Feeling
Ending Fallen
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Gauging the Soul
Gekijo-ban: Psycho-Pass

What Color? is the eleventh episode of Psycho-Pass 2 and the season's finale.


Tsunemori subdues Togane before Kamui can shoot him, stating that even though she has lost many people close to her, she is still determined to protect the law, before leading Kamui to Sibyl, where they are confronted by Joshu Kasei which is impersonated by Togane's mother. Asking Sibyl to reveal its true color, Kamui manages to expose Kasei's true Crime Coefficient and lethally eliminates her. Tsunemori proceeds to lead Kamui to Sibyl's true form, where Sibyl states it has acknowledged Kamui's existence and has authorized a collective Psycho-Pass, destroying some of its own brains to lower its own Crime Coefficient, before Tsunemori arrests Kamui. Meanwhile, Shisui, pushed into a corner, attempts to set off a bomb but is stopped just in time with the Assault Dominator's paralyzer, fired by Teppei Sugo. As Tsunemori is pressured into executing Kamui and is once again confronted by Togane, who uses her grandmother's death to raise her Crime Coefficient, Kamui manages to calm Tsunemori down before being killed by Togane, as they simultaneously fire their Dominators at each other. Togane later dies from his injuries after being found by Shimotsuki, who couldn't bring herself to execute him and keeps the secret of her betrayal to herself.


  • "What "child of Sibyl"? You're pitch black." ‒ Mika Shimotsuki to Sakuya Togane
    • "Mother... You and I are both slaves to Sibyl after all." ‒ Sakuya Togane's reply