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Political Strife in the Colosseum
Episode Information
Kanji コロッセオの政争
Rōmaji Koroseo no Seisou
Air date November 14, 2019
Opening Q-vism
Ending Bullet
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Herakles and the Sirens
Agamemnon's Offering

Political Strife in the Colosseum is the fourth episode of Psycho-Pass 3.


Yayoi Kunizuka informs the team that she has determined Lee Aki's murderers were smuggled in from Myogadani while in suspended animation to prevent the Sibyl System's scanners from detecting their hues. Arata Shindo investigates Kojo Tsuchiya's lab and discovers an AI entity which Tsuchiya left behind. It explains that Tsuchiya had developed an AI with highly persuasive speech and voice patterns. He used it to create an identical hologram copy of Karina Komiya called Ma-Karina. Shindo concludes that Komiya is using Ma-Karina to aid her campaign, placing her in danger. The team receives intelligence that Haruki Enomiya is planning to attack the political debate between Komiya and Kosuke "Herakles" Yakushiji. Komiya is kidnapped but with Unit One's intervention and Kei Mikhail Ignatov's help, Komiya is rescued. Koichi Azusawa kills Enomiya, making it appear to be an elevator malfunction. Afterwards, Komiya is elected the governor of Tokyo, despite Ma-Karina being exposed, and Ignatov is reinstated as an Inspector. Later, Komiya meets with Shindo whene he says he voted for her and she explains that Tsuchiya saw Ma-Karina as a surrogate for his murdered daughter[1].


Episode 4 begins where Episode 3 left off, with Kunizuka introducing herself to the rest of Division 01. Sho Hinakawa happily greets her while Shindo gets ecstatic over meeting the “legendary” former Enforcer. Kunizuka soon gets down to business and starts reporting about the Abandoned Zone transport businesses. Mao Kisaragi asks what she means and Shindo explains that he thought the best way to allow latent criminals through the security checks is by passing them off as dead via suspended animation.

Story continued in:

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  • The Colosseum is an ancient ruin in modern day Rome that, in its heyday, was the largest amphitheater in the world, capable of holding 50,000 spectators. Construction began under the emperor Vespasian in AD 72 and was completed in AD 80 under his successor and heir, Titus. Here, gladiatorial contests and public spectacles were conducted as entertainment.
    (source: Wikipedia)


"I trust Sibyl of course, but the system isn't everything. That's what Arata and I believe."
— Kei Mikhail Ignatov to Tenma Todoroki

"Hey Karina, do you trust me?" (Shindo)

  • "What? Of course I don't." (Komiya)

"That's what I thought."
— Arata Shindo and Karina Komiya's exchange



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