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Agamemnon's Offering
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Episode Information
Kanji アガメムノンの燔祭
Rōmaji Agamemunon no Hansai
Air date November 21, 2019
Opening Q-vism
Ending Bullet
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Political Strife in the Colosseum
Caesar's Gold Coins

Agamemnon's Offering is the fifth episode of Psycho-Pass 3.


Kei Mikhail Ignatov visits ex-Inspector Yuan Kira, whose partner was killed in a supposed auto accident. Kira warns Ignatov that they are investigating "Foxes," people who commit crimes without degrading their hues and that such people have infiltrated the Public Safety Bureau. Governor Karina Komiya organizes the Mitake Special Religious Zone which allows free practice of religion. However, the opening conference is attacked by a suicide bomber, taking the lives of innocents while Tetsuya Sasagawa is killed in an auto accident. The prime suspects behind the bombing are religious leaders, as well as Immigration Bureau observer Kurisu Kyoji O'Brien. Ignatov's team meets Torri S. Aschenbach, leader of the religious group Heaven's Leap, who tells them that their founder, Motohiro Nisei, has not been seen for six months. Arata Shindo's team learns that Sister Theresa Shinogi, another religious leader, had connections with Shindo's father. They then find the medical drone responsible for implanting the bomb inside the suicide bomber and discover it has performed the procedure five times over. The second bomber kills O'Brien. Since the drone was purchased by Shinogi and she had met O'Brien the night before, the team searches her compound. They surmise that Aschenbach, Shinogi and a third religious leader named Joseph Auma are all involved in a massive smuggling ring and that the special zone would have exposed their activities, giving them reason to sabotage its formation. They arrest Aschenbach's uncle and his wife, Viktor and Vera Zaharias, and arrange for Ignatov and Mao Kisaragi to impersonate the Zaharias couple in an undercover operation[1].


Episode 5 begins with Shindo waking up in a hospital with Ignatov sitting next to him. Asking what happened, Ignatov reminds Shindo how he was found collapsed on the street. Asking if he did a mental trace, Ignatov firmly reminds Shindo that he is not allowed to do a mental trace when he is not there. Ignatov then asks about Komiya and Shindo informs him that she was not involved in Kojo Tsuchiya’s death. Shindo asks Ignatov about his side of the investigation and Ignatov tells him of his encounter with former Division 1 Inspector, Yuan Kira.

Story continued in:

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  • Agamemnon's Offering is a reference to the myth of the Greek Hero, Agamemnon. During the Trojan War, he accidentally kills a deer in a grove sacred to the goddess Artemis. She punishes him by interfering with the winds so that his fleet cannot sail to Troy. The seer Calchas reveals that in order to appease Artemis, Agamemnon must sacrifice his eldest daughter, Iphigenia. There are various versions of this myth with one version depicting Iphigenia being saved and meeting her brother, Orestes, for which Agamemnon is killed in retribution.
    (source: Wikipedia)


"There are foxes in the Public Safety Bureau, too."
— Yuan Kira

"We must prove that faith purifies the hue."
— Torri S. Aschenbach to Kei Mikhail Ignatov

"It's not a question of whether or not there is a God. Just being conscious of Heaven and Hell changes how people act. Religion does have a violent history, and Sibyl is wary of that. However, faith isn't that simple."
— Arata Shindo



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