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Caesar's Gold Coins
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Episode Information
Kanji カエサルの金貨
Rōmaji Kaesaru no Kinka
Air date November 28, 2019
Opening Q-vism
Ending Bullet
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Agamemnon's Offering
Don't Take God's Name in Vain

Caesar's Gold Coins is the sixth episode of Psycho-Pass 3.


Kei Mikhail Ignatov and Mao Kisaragi successfully infiltrate the Heaven's Leap sanctuary. Arata Shindo goes to question Joseph Auma, but the team discovers that he sacrificed himself to stop the third suicide bomber from murdering immigrants he had rescued from an illegal prostitution ring. They also uncover a cache of illegal gun parts. Ignatov and Kisaragi learn that each of the suicide bombers had been treated in Heaven's Leap's sanctuary with a Hue treatment called "Eternal White." Bifrost continues to manipulate events although Shizuka Homura bets that the Public Safety Bureau will succeed. One of Kazumichi Irie's contacts reveals rumors that quality Japanese-made gun parts are being exported. Aschenbach discovers the undercover operation and captures Ignatov and Kisaragi, then reveals that he is the son of Bifrost member, Kyoko Saionji. Shindo suspects that Theresa Shinogi is using her rental car company to smuggle goods and, possibly, the suicide bombers. They then receive a call from Shinogi warning them about the fourth bomber, but Tenma Todoroki kills him despite Shindo's orders to take him alive. Shindo deduces that both Shinogi and Auma were trying to prevent the bombings. The MFA tries to stop the investigation because they have already infiltrated Heaven's Leap. Viktor Zaharias is killed by the fifth suicide bomber before Foreign Affairs can take custody of him. Shindo surmises the bombings are part of a plot concocted by Kurisu Kyoji O'Brien, Motohiro Nisei, Theresa Shinogi and Joseph Auma to expose the corruption in Japan's immigration system, but someone preempted their plan. Following a Mental Trace, Shindo concludes that O'Brien faked his death and is the mastermind behind the bombings. Meanwhile, Ignatov's wife, Maiko Maya Stronskaya, is kidnapped by Heaven's Leap[1].


Episode 6 begins with Ignatov and Kisaragi attending a party at Heaven’s Leap in their holo disguises. As they dine and chat with other guests, the pair is greeted by Torri S. Aschenbach. Greeting him, Ignatov enquires about the terrorist attack on the PR event. Smiling, Aschenbach gently replies that it is actually a bit of a relief for him. Looking up, Ignatov notices the new construction of Heaven’s Leap’s headquarters and asks Aschenbach about it. Meanwhile, Saionji is entertaining some guests in the background.

Story continued in:

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  • The name 'Jo Van Es' written in the patient charts is a reference to Jo Van Es, the commentator for Gogglebox Australia and other TV channels and programs.
  • The Zaharias' cruise liner, The Norn, is a reference to the Norns of Norse mythology, mysterious beings who rule the destiny of gods and humans. In one variation, they are described as three female giantesses named Urðr (Past), Verðandi (Present) and Skuld (Future) and are depicted drawing water from the Well of Fate while taking away the sand that supports it. They pour the water over the Yggdrasill tree so that its branches will not rot.
    (source: Wikipedia)
  • Caesar's Gold Coins is a reference to "gifts" given to others with great arrogance. It stems from the fact that Julius Caesar, whose dictatorship lasted only two years before he was murdered (46 BC - 44 BC), was the first Roman politician to place his image on a coin while he was still alive. This was considered unacceptable political hubris and the coins were only minted for five years, with the last coin minted on the day before his death.
    (source: NGC)


"Why do they follow that fraud? Does religion just prey on the weak? (Kisaragi)

  • "Maybe they need someone to reach out to them when everyone has abandoned them." (Ignatov)

"I'm surprised you'd say that." (Kisaragi)

  • "What kind of person do you think I am?"' (Ignatov)

"A person who doesn't need help." (Kisaragi)

  • "Everyone needs help." (Ignatov)

Kei Mikhail Ignatov and Mao Kisaragi's exchange

"The only equal to Sibyl in our society is Bifrost."
— Kyoko Saionji



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