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Asahi "Rick" Fellows
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Asahi Rikku Ferouzu
Kanji Name
Date of Birth
July 19, 2084.
5'11" (180cm)
154 lbs (70kg)
Blood Type
A (RH+)
Hyper Transport Company


Mathematician, Accountant, Quants Analyst
Kaori "Adele" Fellows (wife)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 1
Psycho-Pass 3
Anime Debut
0301 Laelaps' Calling
Seirou Ogino

Asahi "Rick" Fellows is an employee of the Hyper Transport Company who is murdered to prevent him from acting as a whistleblower on two of the company's corrupt administrators.  He is killed when he is sucked out of a cargo bay of a transport plane as the doors inexplicably open mid-flight. The transport's subsequent crash is a part of the first investigation in which Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov are involved as their first case with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau.


Fellows is a Russian male of average height and build in his 30's. He has brown eyes and messy blond hair parted in the center . He is typically seen wearing a white shirt, black pants and suspenders.


He is a highly analytical individual who loves solving mathematical formulae and making holographic flowers. Sho Hinakawa calls him a genius because he figures out how Takumi Yonehara and Tetsuya Sasagawa are manipulating the economy through disreputable lending practices before anyone else is aware of it. Rick also possesses a strong sense of ethics and morality as he is willing to risk his life in order to bring the wrongdoing of Yonehara and Sasagawa to light.

Personal Background

Born on July 19, 2084.[1]

Early Life

Birthplace: Mari El Republic.

January 2102 - Obtains a gold medal in the Russian Math Olympics
January 2102 - Presents a thesis titled, "Investment Strategy from Geometry"
February 2103 - Writes a book titled, "Introduction to Analytical Commerce"


September 2110 - Waiting for approval of submitted Japanese Refugee Application
October 2112 - Japanese Refugee Application is accepted
Current address: Tokyo Prefecture, New Chiyoda Ward, Kasumigaseki, 5-10-8 Wells. Park Apartments, Room 708

Emergency Contact Information

Kaori "Adele" Fellows (relation: wife)


September 2103 ‒ Graduates from Leningrad University, Geometry Course

Work History

October 2103 - Employed at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics
August 2110 - Resigns from the Steklov Institute of Mathematics in order to evacuate to the Nagasaki Immigrant Area during the civil war
September 2110 - Employed at the Nagasaki Yandegus Research Centre
January 2119 - Resigns from the Nagasaki Yan Degus Research Centre in order to emigrate to Tokyo
January 2119 - Employed in the Accounting Department of Kuroashi Holdings
April 2119 - Resigns from Kuroashi Holdings due to career change
April 2119 - Employed in the Accounting Department of the Hyper Transport Company
May 2120 - Promoted to Section Chief of the Accounting Department of the Hyper Transport Company
June 2120 - Serves concurrently as a Quants Analyst with the Hyper Transport Company


June 2105 - Obtains First Class Programming Certification
January 2107 - Obtains Second Class Japanese Language Certification
August 2119 - Obtains Second Class Gardening Holo Designer Certification
May 2120 - Obtains CFA


Kaori "Adele" Fellows

Kaori is Rick's wife. They meet at a Russian evacuation site following the Russian civil war and fall in love. They later marry and emigrate to Japan to find a more peaceful life.


  • His work ID is: 20475-ADFA-45697-1.



  1. Rick's date of birth in the ending says November 13, but in S3's Episode 1, his profile lists July 19, 2084 (file here). A similar discrepancy exists regarding blood type: ending says AB, but another source says A (RH+).