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Organized Crime
Beneath the NONA Tower below Sibyl's core (undetectable)
Social Unrest and Personal Gain


Bifrost (ビフロスト Bifurosuto) is the name of a secret criminal organization that utilizes and manipulates a highly sophisticated AI secretly housed beneath the NONA Tower. This AI, called the Bifrost System, has powerful abilities to predict outcomes based on probability and statistical data that the organization uses to gamble on real world events or cases using a tournament format called Roundrobin. It is the end target for the investigations pursued by Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov in Psycho-Pass 3 and First Inspector.

The Bifrost System is an AI created as a vital part of the Sibyl System in its early stages to assist in evolving the multi-brain intelligence by confronting it with challenges. This unique super-computer is separated from the organic sector and hidden away to prevent tampering, but manipulation of its intelligence occurs nonetheless.

Bifrost, the crime organization, is defeated through the efforts of many groups, but directly via the intervention of Shizuka Homura, a secret agent working on behalf of the Ministry of Public Welfare acting as a Congressman playing Roundrobin. Homura risks his life in doing so, but is successful in outwitting both Kyoko Saionji and Haruki Shirogane by placing his faith in Arata Shindo's unique capabilities. Once he becomes the final Congressman, he grants similar status to Sibyl in the form of Harumi Hosorogi who, armed with access to the AI's programming, thanks the Bifrost System for doing the job it was intended to do before dismissing it. The computer shuts down and Bifrost is eliminated.

Bifrost System

The Bifrost System is the name of an advanced computer artificial intelligence system which allows registered users to manipulate real life events (or cases) without Sibyl's knowledge under the premise of a gambling tournament carried out in complete secrecy. It was originally created by the Homura family[1], which helps to explain how Homura, the Congressman, was able to manipulate events as well as he did.

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During the Roundrobin games, players (called Congressmen) use Bifrost's "Roundrobin Proceedings Management Middleware" to subtly influence real world events (or cases) so they align with their personal goals. This can be achieved in multiple ways: 1. inside trading of stock to manipulate markets; 2. influencing the outcome of specific events (e.g. political elections); or 3. providing contact with known Inspectors. The system prevents Sibyl's interference by creating impossible scenarios such as direct murder, murder disguised as an accident, or murder disguised as suicide.

All of these actions allow the tournament participants to maintain clear hues by having them not lift a finger in committing the actual crimes. The seats are also specially designed to prevent a Congressman from leaving their seat. During enforcement, the system will trigger the seat to trap the Congressman to prevent them from escaping.

Upon enforcement, the victim is disintegrated from existence by the Bifrost System.


Bifrost's Organizational Structure.

As an organization, Bifrost has a three-tiered hierarchical structure which consists of the Congressmen, the Inspectors and the Foxes.

Congressmen are players chosen by Bifrost to play Roundrobin, while the Inspectors are subordinate members who are often used as pawns or helpers in the game.

Inspectors consist of members from all aspects of society, including latent criminals. They are ranked by number and are signified by a business card with a Teumessian Fox on it. However, the role of First Inspector additionally acts a judge to prevent the other Inspectors from abusing their authority. It is also possible for Inspectors to be promoted to Congressmen. Although, Bifrost prioritizes family members of current Congressmen first.

Foxes are the lowest rank. They consist of civilians from all aspects of society who unknowingly help Inspectors commit their crimes (e.g. Takumi Yonehara or Mao Kisaragi). This mainly consists of each "fox" doing one small favor that individually can be seen as just a small error or accident, but together lead to major consequences. Bifrost often contacts these people through third-party businesses such as online consultation sites and take advantage of their problems by offering help in exchange for favours.

The system is designed this way to minimize the evidence created and the clouding of hue's of everyone involved in order to maintain its invisibility in society.

Known Members