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From left to right: Teppei Sugo, Risa Aoyanagi, and Kaede Hasuike.

This is the personnel of the Ministry of Welfare's Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department, Divison 02. This division is rarely seen and plays a secondary role. It shows favor towards Nobuchika Ginoza, as seen when he attempts to get help from them while working the Shogo Makishima case.

The Inspectors of Division 02

The Inspector Shinya Kogami Arc
Season 1 Arc
Season 2 Arc
Season 3 Arc

The Enforcers of Division 02

Inspector Mizue Shisui and Enforcer Akira Yamatoya.

The Psycho-Pass/Zero Arc
The Season 1 Arc
  • Koichi Hatano (transferred to Division 03)
  • Ryogo Kozuki (transferred from Division 01, former)
  • Unnamed female Enforcer (former)
  • Unnamed male Enforcer (former)
The Season 2 Arc

Division 02 from Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector.

The Season 3 Arc

The Analysts of Division 02


  • The tactical number of this division is 105. It is written on the left shoulder of the Inspectors' blue jackets.[1] Division 02's paddy wagon also bears this number on its roof, at the stern of each side and on its back.[1][2]
  • Division 02 Inspectors' vehicles display the tactical number 303 (on their roofs, back wings and at the rear of their trunks) when they are in intervention mode.[1]