Enforcer is a rank within the Ministry of Welfare's Category:Public Safety Bureau just below Inspector. Such individuals have been identified by the Sibyl System as latent criminals, but possessing the requisite aptitude and skills necessary to do the required job. They are transported to crime scenes either by paddy wagon, as a group, or accompany Inspectors individually depending on the situation. Their purpose beyond assisting in tracking down and apprehending known criminals, is to take care of actions that might cloud the hue or raise the crime coefficient of the Inspector working the case. It is accepted protocol that once an Enforcer disobeys an order or attempts to escaper, they are subject to Dominator intervention. A number of characters of the series are former Inspectors who have been demoted to the rank of Enforcer because of a clouding of their Hue and/or a rise in their Crime Coefficient to unacceptable levels.

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