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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs oversees the work of international investigative operations.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs oversees the work of the Operations Department, a service branch of the national government whose focus is on stopping terrorism, corruption, organized crime, cyber crime and civil rights violations, as well as investigating serious crimes such as major thefts or murders. Their primary jurisdiction lies outside the borders of Japan but also includes investigating crime crossing national borders (e.g. human trafficking and smuggling) and apprehending those committing crime against the state.  

Suppressing Action Department

The Suppressing Action Department, aka SAD, is the law enforcement arm of the department working in the field. Members are recruited directly from universities, specialists in various fields and from specialty programs like the one Frederica Hanashiro conducted in search of the "Abandoned Japanese."

Currently known members include Frederica Hanashiro (Assistant Officer), Teppei Sugo (Special Investigator), Nobuchika Ginoza (Tactical Advisor), and Shinya Kogami (Tactical Advisor).

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