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Talisman's CommuField.

CommuFields are virtual spaces in the world of Psycho-Pass. To enter, a person must wear VR headgear and gloves, then log onto their account. While anyone can visit, the owner of a CommuField needs to work at maintaining their popularity or else fail to make money earned via sponsors. Since most owners are unemployed, missing appearances or refusing challenges is rare as doing so may lead to a decrease in popularity, thus income. Shogo Makishima uses the CommuFields for his schemes.

Avatar Communities

Talisman Saloon

This is the CommuField run by Kimihiko Hayama, a.k.a Talisman, before he is murdered by Masatake Mido, one of Makishima's henchmen. This CommuField is known for discussing the affairs of others. It has the appearance of a circus tent sitting on the back of an enormous tortoise floating in outer space.

Boogie Garden

This is the CommuField owned by Shoko Sugawara, a.k.a Spooky Boogie, before she is murdered. Her avatar is a cat with a heart for an eyepatch. It appears as a house situated atop a hill with the avatar Spooky Boogie hanging from a noose.