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Talisman's CommuField.

CommuFields are virtual games in the world of Psycho-Pass. To enter, a person must attach machinery to themselves and log in to their account. The owner of a CommuField needs to keep his/her popularity up, otherwise they won't be able to make any profit. This is necessary because people who own CommuFields are usually unemployed. Doing things like missing appearances or challenges will lead to a decrease in popularity, thus income. Shogo Makishima uses the CommuFields for his schemes.


Talisman Saloon

This is the CommuField run by Kimihiko Hayama, a.k.a Talisman, before he is murdered by one of Makishima's henchmen. This CommuField is known for discussing the affairs of others. It has the appearance of a circus which seems to be floating in the middle of outer space.

Boogie Garden

This is the CommuField owned by Shoko Sugawara, a.k.a Spooky Boogie, before she is murdered. Her avatar is a cat with a heart for an eyepatch. It appears as a house which is situated atop a hill with the avatar Spooky Boogie hanging from a noose.