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Crime Coefficient 1

A person's Crime Coefficient (Japanese: 犯罪係数; Romaji: Hanzai Keisū) is a numerical measure of said person's probability/propensity to commit a crime. It is one part of a person's overall Psycho-Pass. The Public Safety Bureau uses this measurement to determine if a target is a latent criminal or otherwise. It is calculated and determined by the target's stress level (Hue) and other biological readings via cymatic scan by the Sibyl System.

Levels of Crime Coefficient[]

  • Under 100 ‒ Suspect is not a target for enforcement action. The trigger of the Dominator will be locked.
  • Crime Coefficient 2-0
    100 to 299 ‒ Suspect is classified as a latent criminal and is a target for enforcement action. The Dominator is set to Non-Lethal Paralyzer mode. Suspect under fire will be stunned into a stunned state of immobility and, oftentimes, a lack of consciousness.
  • Over 300 ‒ Suspect poses a serious threat to the society. Lethal force is authorized. The Dominator will automatically switch to Lethal Eliminator. Suspect that is hit by Lethal Eliminator will bloat and explode.
    Crime Coefficient 3-0
  • Not Measurable ‒ Suspect is a drone, vehicle, or other hardened targets that poses a threat. Without the Crime Coefficient, a Threat Status is given (such as A+) and the Dominator will automatically switch to Destroy Decomposer.[1]

Crime Coefficient Records[]

Crime Coefficient gekijouban

The false Crime Coefficients of Wong's army.