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Drones are automated robots that are controlled by the Sibyl System. They have integrated Psycho-Pass scanners and serve as mobile units of the Sibyl System. Commissioned by the government to execute a variety of jobs, there is some evidence of private use. There are many types, but the Sibyl System can take direct control of them, if required.[1][2]

Manufacture of Drones

Due to how strongly the Sibyl System relies on drones, their manufacture is strictly government controlled. Regardless of public or private usage, they are all made in isolated facilities that are almost completely automated. The facilities have no communicative devices of any kind and the walls reflect all inbound and outbound signals to guarantee protection from hacking. These measures also prevent a Dominator from operating while it is within the facility. The only part of the process that utilizes human interaction is drone behavior analysis and testing. And the only way to get production to shut down is to have a direct letter from the Ministry of Economy.[3]


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Construction Bots

These are the bots that work at the manufacturing plants. They make all the other kinds of drones. Though meant for construction rather than fighting, they can be reprogrammed for battle and are extremely dangerous when doing so due to a large array of tools.

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Forensic Bots

They are usually used as a collective of tiny bots that roam a crime scene, analyzing data for use as potential evidence. They are small, arachnid-like robots with cranes to pick up anything and everything that could be a clue. And they can speak.[4]

Hunting Bots

These special types of drones are created specifically for hunting prey, whether it be human or animal. They guard Toyohisa Senguji's mansion most of the time, but other than that they are the frontline in Senguji's fox hunting. Their job is to frighten the prey and make it run right into the hunter's trap, where it is finished off.

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The drones look similar to dogs, though much larger and possessing five red eyes. They have razor sharp teeth and claws, which they use to rip apart their prey. The "dogs" also have a scissor-like tool at the end of their tail, useful for both defense and offense. Senguji owns two of these specialized drones, a red one and a black one. During Methuselah's Game, the red drone is destroyed, crushed under one of Senguji's many traps, while the black drone is destroyed by Shinya Kogami using the Dominator's Destroy Decomposer.[5]

Security Bots

These are the most common type. They patrol all populated areas of Japan and carry Dominators just like the Inspectors and Enforcers, though they only follow programming determined by the Sibyl System. They also possess the ability to electrocute people.[6][7] They lack reasoning intelligence and the ability to discern information like their human counterparts, making them a useful tool, but a limited one. The helmet, for example, renders them little more than scarecrows even when a crime is being committed right in front of them.[8]They also serve as shields for the CID by spreading their arms.[2] Their Psycho-Pass scanners are linked to all other scanners and if an abnormal Psycho-Pass is detected, they converge on the site to assist.

Sparring Bots


These are bots meant to help law enforcement, as well as the military, to stay in shape. They are humanoid and appear to know multiple fighting styles. They also use holo to change their appearance from a generic robot to a professional fighter and can be programmed to fight in a manner that replicates a particular individual's style.[9][10]

Combat Bots

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These military grade drones are developed by the Ministry of National Defense's Military Drone Research and Development division. Equipped with powerful 4-barreled miniguns, these heavy-handed machines can tear through metal barrels and scrap vehicles. They carry an assault rifle for infantry and can travel at high speeds. A defense mechanism locks the drone's guns when in close range with one another.[6]

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In 2116 during the Shambala Float incident, numerous combat drones under Nicholas Wong's jurisdiction fight against members of a militia. Their heavy armor and powerful cannons severely outclass the resisting citizens of Shambala Float.[2] Contrary to Season 2's military drones, these are bipedal and equipped with 3-barreled miniguns.