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Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector
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Episode Information
Air date March 27, 2020
Opening "Synthetic Sympathy" by Who-ya Extended
Ending "red strand" by Cö Shu Nie
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Ziggurat Capture Part 2

Ziggurat Capture Part 1 is the title of Act One of Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector.


When Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov, the two Inspectors who lead the Criminal Investigation Department's CID Division 01, clash over truth and justice during an investigation, the mastermind behind the case, Koichi Azusawa, launches an assault on the NONA Tower, putting the detectives in a predicament like never seen before [1].


The film begins where Episode 8 of Psycho-Pass 3 ends, with Azusawa saying farewell to an injured Yayoi Kunizuka as he steals her press pass. Pocketing the pass, Azusawa informs Kunizuka that he has already called an ambulance and that he'll leave the rest of her recovery to her. Wishing her luck, Azusawa leaves on a bicycle.

Story continued in:

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  • The title of Acts One and Two are Ziggurat Capture, referring to Azusawa's assault on The NONA Tower. A ziggurat is an ancient form of architecture built in successive layers as it rises in height. It is conjectured that these massive structures were built to dominate the landscape and to serve as a residence for the gods and those who served them.
    source: Wikipedia