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Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector
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Episode Information
Air date March 27, 2020
Opening "Synthetic Sympathy" by Who-ya Extended
Ending "red strand" by Cö Shu Nie
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Ziggurat Capture Part 1
Rainy Day, and

Ziggurat Capture: Part 2 is the title of Act Two of Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector.


When Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov, the two Inspectors who lead Criminal Investigation Department's Unit One (aka Division 01), clash over truth and justice during an investigation, the mastermind behind the case, Koichi Azusawa, launches an assault on the The NONA Tower, putting the detectives in a predicament like never seen before.[1].


The film picks up with Arata Shindo being rescued by Shion Karanomori and Karina Komiya. Running to a nearby hallway, the trio stops to catch its breath. Shindo then collapses onto the ground as Komiya berates Shindo for being a damsel in distress. Exhausted, Shindo apologizes as he receives a communique from Mika Shimotsuki who yells at him and calls him “useless.” Relieved, Shimotsuki states that she's glad Shindo is safe and orders him to go to the server room and regain control of the system. Ending the call, Shindo sits up and hardens his resolve. Meanwhile in the conference room, Azusawa determines that Shindo has managed to escape.

Story continued in:

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