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Haruki Enomiya
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Enomiya Haruki
Kanji Name
Transgender Male
Date of Birth
June 10, 2071
5'11" (180cm)
183 (83kg)
Blood Type

Fighters Family Group



Owner of HvH Fight Venue
Bifrost Inspector
(Second Inspector)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 8
Psycho-Pass 3
Anime Debut
0303 Herakles and the Sirens
Tomoko Miyadera

Haruki Enomiya is an ex-Pro Athlete and latent criminal who owns an HvH (Human versus Human) underground combat ring. He acts as a broker in an abandoned zone of the city and also serves as a Bifrost Inspector.


Enomiya is a male of average height and unknown build in his 40's. He has red-irised eyes and long, dark gray hair partially done up in braids. His skin is pallid due to extensive surgeries. He is typically seen in a red fur coat over a white three-piece suit, black tuxedo shirt and red evening bow tie. He wears black lipstick and several rings.


He has a cunning, dominating personality. He is cruel and unfraid to force his workers into performing humiliating acts just to prove his power over them.

Personal Background

Born on June 10, 2071.[1]

  • Once a successful, professional athlete, he retires in disgrace due to his overuse of male hormones and body modification surgeries. He is transgender, having undergone gender reassignment surgery at some point to become male. After retiring from the professional athlete circuit, he opens up his own human vs. human combat ring in an abandoned zone and becomes a broker.
  • During the gubernatorial election, Enomiya is contacted by Kyoko Saionji who orders him to kill Lee Aki with his fighters as part of a ploy to get Kosuke Yakushiji to win the election. Later, Koichi Azusawa meets with him, suspicious of his intentions but, upon hearing what has transpired, realizes how the situation will end. Thus, when Enomiya attempts to kidnap Karina Komiya during a live debate to expose 'Ma-Karina' (her AI doppelganger) to the general public, Azusawa allows the Public Safety Bureau to intervene. Enomiya tries to escape but Azusawa stops him, goading him into a fight. When Enomiya loses, he flees into a malfunctioning elevator and, just before plunging to his death, learns from Azusawa that Bifrost planned for Komiya to win the election all along, using Enomiya as a pawn in their game.


Kazumichi Irie

Enomiya and Irie meet again.

Enomiya has a history with Irie as his one-time employer. Their ties are severed when Irie becomes a CID Enforcer. During the investigation of Lee Aki's murder, Irie leads detectives from his division to Enomiya's hideout, where these two meet again. Enomiya isn't happy with Irie being the "hunt dog" now, because he was his brightest man.

Oishi bows down to Enomiya.


Oishi is one of Enomiya's bodyguards. He is loyal to him and will obey any order given, even if he was supposed to be humiliated, what was seen when he eats the pipe that Enomiya put out on his tongue earlier. Haruki thinks that Oishi and other people in his staff are trained like "circus animals".

Koichi Azusawa

Azusawa and Enomiya are fellow Bifrost Inspectors. Azusawa suspects that Enomiya wants to move up from Second Inspector to First Inspector, but soon realizes that Enomiya is not a threat.

Azusawa talks to Enomiya about Lee Aki's murder, which was ordered by Haruki.

Azusawa also arranges an elevator accident, where Haruki escapes after their fight together. After a while, Haruki realized that he the elevator is broken, but he has no time to escape and dies. Koichi jokes that if Haruki chose the stairs, he would be safe and adds poetically that he was never beautiful or nice.


  • In the Ending theme, Haruki is one of many character whose profile is different from what is shown in the story. The family name is Kamiya rather than Enomiya. The blood type is O rather than unknown.



  1. Enomiya's date of birth in the ending says May 25, but in S3's Episode 5, his profile lists June 10, 2071 (file here).


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