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Hyper-oats are an extremely advanced form of food production invented some time between 2060 and 2069.[1] They have become the main food supply for Japan.


Hyper-oats are a very hearty and plentiful genetically modified food crop. They were bred to eliminate the need for importing foods due to the Sibyl System's Isolation Policy. This modified grain makes up 99% of the food supply in the country. Though it is an extremely efficient means of food production, it has a few inherent flaws. Due to it being genetically modified it has little genetic diversity and is vulnerable to any new strain of disease or insect predation. This is countered by the Uka-no-Mitama Defense Virus Project; however if this protection system were to be disrupted, it could place the entire agricultural system in jeopardy.

Impact On Society

With the rise of the Sibyl System and the new innovations in technology, more people moved into the built up urban areas. This population shift was the largest in the countries history and left too few people living in rural areas growing crops. Hyper-oats were created to fill this gap by increasing yields and productivity of each farm they were planted at. Hyper-oats are vital to the Sibyl System because without this important staple in their food supply, they would have to loosen their Isolation Policies to allow for import of food. As well as damaging the Isolation Policies possible food shortages could cause nationwide stress and increased Hue cloudiness which would ultimately lead to the breakdown of the Sibyl System. 


All along the watchtower

Hyper-oats were developed by the Agricultural Scientist Nobuaki Kudama. He also developed the protective virus Uka-no-Mitama to discourage disease and predation during the plants growth. His work made Japan self sufficient enough that the Sibyl System could be implemented and maintain stability.