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Inspector Akane Tsunemori (Kanji: 監視官 常守朱) is the official manga adaptation of Season 1. It is written and drawn by Miyoshi Hikaru.


Color illustrations




  • The manga starts with an additional scene in which Nobuchika Ginoza interrogates a latent criminal.
  • At the beginning of the manga, Akane Tsunemori's hair is longer.
  • In Chapter 2, Shusei Kagari's conversation with Tsunemori does not take place in the cafeteria, but in the office.
  • In Chapter 2, Shinya Kogami appears in the scene where the latent criminal is caught despite the fact that in the second episode of the anime, he is still in the hospital.
  • Rina Takizaki and Yayoi Kunizuka's storyline does not appear.
  • Volume 4 contains an extra chapter about Shusei Kagari: Sometimes, One Day with a Not Cloudy Hue.
  • Volume 6 contains a prequel chapter about Mitsuru Sasayama: Lost Valentine's Day.