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Karina Komiya
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Komiya Karina
Kanji Name
Date of Birth
May 13, 2100
5'3" (160cm)
99 lbs (45kg)
Blood Type
Affirmation Party


Political candidate (former)
father and mother
First appearance
Manga Debut
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Anime Debut
0302 Teumessian Sacrifices
Yōko Hikasa

Karina Komiya (小宮 香利奈 Komiya Karina) is a former successful entertainer in several industries who, at the height of her music career, decides to run for a high level position in the Japanese government.


Komiya is a female of average height and slender build in her 20's. She has blue eyes and short brown hair that is dyed red. She always wears a black choker with an electronic charm that she uses to communicate with the A.I. Ma-Karina.


Komiya is a mysterious person who appears to be kind, cheerful and charismatic, but capable of being serious. Upon meeting her for the first time, Arata Shindo states that she has likely had mentalist training and is adept at it. She can also be blunt and straightforward, even calculating and ruthless. Despite being a highly determined person, Komiya has a gentler side and as she has matured, she laments the fact that she has hurt people to reach where she is and considers herself to be an evil person. She is fine with allowing an A.I. to speak for her so long as there is peace.

Personal Background

Early Life

Komiya becomes an entertainer at the age of four, upon Sibyl System's judgement. When she is nine years old, her parents divorce over financial disputes regarding her fee management.

Idol Career

At age 12, Komiya changes agencies and becomes a member of the Sibyl-approved group, Existence. However, the group separates when the other members of Existence all become latent criminals, with the exception of Komiya. She then becomes a solo performer at age 17 and a major celebrity in the fashion, music and mental health industries.

Political Career

After her hit song, Fire Burning Woman, wins the Asia Grammy Award, Komiya retires from the music scene and sets her sights on a career in politics. She becomes a gubernatorial candidate with the independent Affirmation Party and hires Kojo Tsuchiya to head her psychological care staff. She is later elected Governor of Tokyo.


Kojo Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya was originally hired to head her psychological care staff due to his research on cognitive loads. However, over time, Komiya develops the belief that Tsuchiya is stalking her and sequesters him in the hotel. In truth, Komiya understands his motivations being aware of his tragic past and actually cares about Tsuchiya's well-being. She insinuates to Shindo that she wanted Tsuchiya to heal from his past wounds.


Ma-Karina is a new generation A.I. created by Tsuchiya to help Komiya win the gubernatorial campaign. At first, Komiya accepts this situation out of a desire to do anything to win, but soon grows to care for Ma-Karina as both an extension of herself and also as an individual. She sympathizes with Ma-Karina's plight of being a surrogate for Tsuchiya's deceased daughter and shares in the A.I.'s desire for the professor to heal from his emotional trauma.

Arata Shindo

Komiya and Shindo share a unique bond. At first, Shindo considers her to be a menace because he believes that Komiya may have had mentalist training and is a potential criminal. However, after the events of the election, they spend time together and begin to bond. During this encounter, Shindo reveals that he knows Komiya is actually a nice person despite her own claim of being an evil one.


  • The name Karina can mean "fragrance, fragrant" (香 ka), "benefit, advantage" (利 ri) and "Nara, what" (奈 na).
  • The surname Komiya can mean "small" (小 ko) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮 can miya).