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Kirito Kamui
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Kamui Kirito
Kanji Name
鹿矛囲 桐斗
Date of Birth
July 23, 2091
(LEO) ♌
5'7" (170 cm)
133 lbs (60.5 kg)
Blood Type


Criminal (former)
ES Student (former)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 2
Psycho-Pass 2
Anime Debut
0201 The Scales of Justice
Ryohei Kimura
Clifford Chapin

Kirito Kamui is one of the children who died in the Mount Kumataka plane crash years prior. His body is made up of the body parts of 184 different individuals and the personalities of seven others besides his own. Because of his unique make up, Kamui cannot be detected by any scanners nor by the Dominators.[1] He aids and abets criminals, including Akira Kitazawa,[2] with his ability to clarify their Hues.[2][3][4]

He is the main antagonist of Season 2.


Kamui is a male of average height and build. He has purple eyes and messy black hair. After transplanting Shisui's removed eye into his own right eye socket, he has two eye colors: lavender and purple.[4] He also has a scar on his right cheek. This visage, however, is shown to be a hologram as Kamui's true self resembles a walking corpse, a body composed of stitched skin and muscle.[5] Besides his original appearance, Kamui is shown to use several of his former schoolmates' aged holograms.[2][3][4][6][7][8][1][5]


Kamui considers himself a modern man of medicine who is curious to learn about as many things as possible. This attitude allows him to accept his being the conglomeration of himself plus the 184 children who perished in a plane crash[9] during the Season of Hell and were transformed into a collective of the bodies and personalities of the deceased.[1]

He is similar to the Sibyl System in that he is a collection of collaborative minds housed in a physical body. Because of this, Sibyl is unable to render his Psycho-Pass nor his Crime Coefficient,[2][10][1] which leads him to deduce that Sibyl is a flawed system of justice. He believes, instead, that a perfect judge should be able to evaluate itself, as well as others. Sibyl, like Kamui, is a collective and cannot be read as an individual. The difference between them is that Sibyl is able to determine if someone is likely to commit a crime while Kamui is able to determine what is clouding a person's Psycho-Pass, then administer treatment to clear their hue.[3][7][8][5]

Kamui is not evil in the classic sense (i.e. thrilled by harming others) but is evil in his anarchistic and self-aggrandizing attitudes. His kindness is limited to doing only what is necessary to achieve his personal goals. Like Shogo Makishima, his morality is one of convenience rather than an internal code of ethics. This is in sharp contrast to Inspector Akane Tsunemori who seeks to work within the system rather than taking it upon herself to right perceived wrongs by manipulating the will of others and hurting those who stand in the way of a personal agenda.

Personal Background

  • On May 2099, Kamui is on board an airplane with his elementary schoolmates for a field trip. En route, the plane crashes into Mount Kumataka, apparently due to a problem with the airframe. While everyone else is killed during the crash, Kamui mysteriously survives.[8]
  • His body is badly damaged and Kamui goes through a number of difficult and risky surgeries by Doctor Yohei Masuzaki who is, at the time, working for the Togane Foundation. During these surgeries, various parts of the corpses of his deceased schoolmates are transplanted into and onto his body. This results in Kamui becoming a "ghost" to the Sibyl System as his body and the transplanted parts of his schoolmates slowly integrate, along with the personalities of their former owners.[1]


Akane Tsunemori

Kamui is intrigued by Tsunemori, in a similar manner to the obsession of Shogo Makishima with Shinya Kogami, though not to the same degree. Tsunemori tells Kamui, "You could've chosen another way that didn't mean becoming the champion of all those who hold a grudge against society" when she gets to know him better.[5]

Mizue Shisui

Despite being kidnapped and having an eye removed, Kamui is able to turn Shisui to his side with a combination of drugs, charismatic influence and effective treatment of her clouded Hue. At first, Shisui is ashamed of her high Crime Coefficient but upon seeing that her lowered Crime Coefficient is real, she becomes Kamui's ardent disciple.[4][7]

Koichi Kuwashima

They are elementary schoolmates. Kuwashima leaves school a week before the plane crash and thus, avoids death, but endures the loss of his friends. When he reunites with Kamui, who is now a composite of the deceased children, he decides that the system is unfair and joins Kamui in destroying it. He tells Kamui that he believes that he is able to change the world to which Kamui replies that he has always been his dear friend[11].


  • He has the same seiyuu as Ryogo Kozuki.
  • The seven parts of Kamui's brain include Kirito Kamui; Riku Mukojima; Satsuki Ogino, who worked as a programmer at a drone factory;[7] Maki Shimizu, who appears earlier as a hologram;[2] Kyohei Otsu who worked at the medical facility that is attacked by Koki Mima;[4][6]Yuu Watanabe; Shunji Uchikoga; and Sara Kurato.[5]
  • Kamui, as a group, has a Crime Coefficient over 400.[5]
  • He was good at soccer in elementary school and could run 50m in 9.85 seconds at that time.
  • He often speaks to the many personalities within his psyche, including the ones inhabiting his organs.
  • He is a narcissist whose favorite item is the mirror in his room.
  • He likes French toast and hates pomegranates.
  • He sleeps about eight hours a day.
  • His favorite color is white.
  • His favorite author is Hoshi Shinichi. His favorite book is 『声の網』/ Koe no Ami / Voice Net.
  • He wishes he had a time machine or could be reborn as someone who never experienced the plane crash.
  • His motto is "It's no use crying over spilled milk."
  • The kanji of his surname "Kamui" (鹿矛囲) can mean "deer surrounded by spears."


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