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Kojo Tsuchiya
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Tsuchiya Kojo
Kanji Name
Date of Birth
October 20, 2059
5'7" (171cm)
154 lbs (70kg)
Blood Type
Karina Komiya's Election Campaign


College professor (former)
Mental Care Team Leader
Daughter (deceased)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 5
Psycho-Pass 3
Anime Debut
0302 Teumessian Sacrifices
Hidenari Ugaki

Kujo Tsuchiya is a former college professor of neuroscience who becomes a member of Karina Komiya's psychological care staff.


Tsuchiya is a male of average height and a slender build in his 50's. He has dark-irised eyes, prematurely gray hair and matching boxed beard. He is typically seen wearing a gray suit, white dress shirt and a dark tie. He wears round, wire-frame corrective lenses.


Tsuchiya is observed to be unstable and frightened in his actions. He is a lonely but caring individual who abhors violence following the murder of his daughter. He possesses a keen, analytical mind that he puts to use in developing Ma-Karina, a holographic version of Komiya.

Personal Background

Born on October 20, 2059.[1]

  • In February 2113, his daughter is a victim of the Helmet Riots, prompting Tsuchiya's research into "Cognitive Loads" in order to prevent a similar incident from ever happening again.
  • He develops a laboratory in the Akihabara Abandoned Zone using his late daughter's name and creates the offline Prototype A.I. to act as his assistant during his experiments.
  • In November 2120, he is approached by an Affirmation Party legislator who asks him to create an A.I. that will allow Komiya to win the gubernatorial election. Using a hologram generator in the form of a pendant, Tsuchiya creates an A.I. duplicate of Komiya called "Mass Control Karina" (Ma-Karina for short). He is then hired to head the psychological care staff for Komiya during her campaign and Ma-Karina is supplied to Komiya.
  • During the campaign, he begins obsessing over Ma-Karina who he sees as a surrogate replacement for his deceased daughter. He later becomes aware that someone is after both himself and Ma-Karina, so he starts stalking Komiya in a attempt to get the A.I. back. Convinced that Tsuchiya is stalking her, Komiya sequesters him in a hotel under guard until he can control his deteriorating hue.
  • Bifrost sets up his death by triggering his room with malfunctions that lead to his slipping off of a ledge and diving head-first into an empty cement pool.
  • Just prior to his death, Tsuchiya orders Protoype A.I. to halt all experiments should he die and to cooperate with the Criminal Investigation Department's investigation.


Karina Komiya

Initially, Komiya trusts him, hiring him as the head of her psychological care team, but later comes to believe he is nothing but a stalker. Because of his contribution to her campaign and his technical prowess, she sequesters him in a fine hotel instead of a hospital for his psychological care, under surveillance at all times.


Ma-Karina is a new generation A.I. created in Komiya's image by Tsuchiya to help Komiya win the gubernatorial election. He dotes on the A.I. as a surrogate daughter in an attempt to assuage his grief over his daughter's death. However, he grows obsessed with her out of a desire to protect her and starts stalking Komiya in an attempt to get her back.





  1. Tsuchiya's date of birth in the ending says December 28, but in S3's Episode 2, his profile lists October 20, 2059 (file here). A similar discrepancy exists regarding blood type: ending says A, but another source says B.