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Mao Kisaragi
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Kisaragi Mao
Kanji Name
Date of Birth
January 27, 2094
168 cm
51,6 kg
Blood Type
Public Safety Bureau


First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 1
Psycho-Pass 3
Anime Debut
0301 Laelaps' Calling
Kaori Nazuka

Mao Kisaragi (如月 真緒 Kisaragi Mao) is an Enforcer within Division 01 of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau.


Kisaragi is a female of average height and a fit build in her 20's. She has brown eyes and short black hair. She is typically seen in a black pantsuit, white shirt and black tie. She wears a black coat when on a mission.


Kisaragi has a stoic personality and avoids getting familiar with her colleagues, preferring to get her work done with objectivity. She holds no particular expectations for her new superiors, but is often caught off-guard by their unconventional methods.

Personal Background

  • Prior to becoming a latent criminal, Kisaragi is a competitive swimmer with her then current boyfriend. At one point, Kisaragi and he are involved in a car crash where the culprit gets off with a fine. This causes both of their hues to deteriorate and they are both institutionalized for rehabilitation.
  • After her boyfriend dies in the facility, Kisaragi gets recruited to be an Enforcer.
  • In 2119, Kisaragi discovers that the culprit in her car accident has caused another one. Angry, she reaches out to a faux online counseling site secretly run by Bifrost. Bifrost instructs Kisaragi to submit an investigation request with the Public Safety Bureau. Skeptical, she complies. A few days later, Kisaragi hears that Inspectors Yuan Kira and Fuse have gotten involved in a car accident with the driver from her case, resulting in Fuse's death. Kisaragi hides her involvement and breaks off connection with the website [1].


Arata Shindo

Shindo is Kisaragi's superior. They seldom team up, but share a professional relationship. She is a little weirded out by Shindo's methods.

Kei Mikhail Ignatov

Ignatov is Kisaragi's superior. He shares a professional relationship with Kisaragi and often teams up with her on cases. Their compatibility rating is A+, making them an effective work team.

Kazumichi Irie

Irie is a fellow Enforcer of Division 01. He is attracted to Kisaragi and tries to flirt with her occasionally - much to her chagrin. When he checks his compatibility with her, he gets upset by the low rating but continues to pursue her.

Sho Hinakawa

Kisaragi and Hinakawa work together as Enforcers of Division 01. They are both rather quiet and do not interact much, apart from work. Hinakawa's intuition as he secretly observes Kisaragi's behavior engenders mistrust out of a desire to keep the division safe. After she confesses her involvement in the car accident, Hinakawa provides Kisaragi with the data he's gathered on her, prompting her to destroy it.

Tenma Todoroki

Todoroki works alongside her as an Enforcer. After he finds out that Kisaragi kept quiet about her "sins" all this time, he gets annoyed and gives disgruntled remarks when she is mentioned.


  • Kisaragi's ID as an Enforcer is 00475-AEOS-30814-2.
  • According to Sibyl's Compatibility scale, Kisaragi has a A+ rating with Ignatov, a D- rating with Irie and a D- rating with Shindo.
  • The name Mao means "real, genuine" (真 ma) and "thread" (緒 o).
  • The surname Kisaragi can mean "like" (如 kisa) and "moon" (月 ragi). Kisaragi is also the traditional name for February in Japanese.



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