The Memory Scoop is a helmet-like device fitted to intricate machinery that, through yet-unknown technology, is able to visualize a person's memories by reading them directly from their brain waves. It's a risky procedure for the subject undergoing the "scoop" because they relive the experiences remembered, including those of a violent and disturbing nature.

At the end of December 2112, Akane Tsunemori agrees to undergo the process in order to obtain a photofit image of Shogo Makishima based upon her memories of the incident wherein her friend, Yuki Funahara, is slain by his hand right in front of her. She does this, despite warnings that it may damage her Psycho-Pass. The "scoop" is performed by Analyst Shion Karanomori in the presence of her supervisor, Inspector  Nobuchika Ginoza who brings a re-traumatized Tsunemori back to herself with a slap on her cheek, thus preventing her Crime Coefficient from rising. The "scoop" is successful and the recovered brain waves are photofitted into a clear image of Makishima, enabling Division 1 to identify him as a teacher at Oso Academy.[1]