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The Panopticon is a proposed replacement system for the Sibyl System to monitor the economic and traffic activities of the citizens in Japan. The system nearly mirrors the Sibyl System, monitoring the citizens and enforcing its rule across Japan in an attempt to prevent crime. Established to replace the Sibyl System, the Panopticon system is met with both controversy and a failure during implementation, thus the reign of the Sibyl System remains.


The Panopticon is a design first developed by Jeremy Bentham, in which the Panopticon is meant to be deployed in an institutional facility as the master control over the inmates utilizing the least number of human guards. The design of the Panopticon is circular with a central guard tower that allows monitoring to be both effective and efficient. The genius of the design, as purported by Bentham, is that inmates never know whether or not they are being monitored, creating ambiguity, and the result that inmates behave.

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