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Psycho-Pass: The Movie
Kanji 劇場版 PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス
Rōmaji Gekijouban Psycho-Pass
Air date January 9, 2015
Opening Who What Who What
Ending Monster Without a Name (full version)
Psycho-Pass 2
Crime and Punishment

Psycho-Pass: The Movie (劇場版 PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス Gekijouban Psycho-Pass) is a feature film based on the anime series. It was released on January 9, 2015, in Japanese theaters and on July 15, 2015 in Blu-ray format. In Japan, like other anime feature films, this work is called Gekijouban Psycho-Pass, gekijouban meaning "theater edition" as opposed to other formats. The term "eiga" is the generic word for the English term "movie," which is typically shorter.


In July 2116, the Southeast Asia Union (SEAUn)[1] and the Japanese government begin to export the Sibyl System to the coastal town of Shambala Float during a civil war as an experiment in spreading the system throughout the world. Under Sibyl's rule, Shambala Float achieves temporary peace and safety, but when SEAUn sends terrorists to Japan, now able to slip through the Sibyl System and attack Japan from within, the shadow of a certain man falls on the incident and Inspector Akane Tsunemori must lead her team to Shambala Float to investigate.


Kunizuka unleashes Explosive Destroy Decomposer.

Foreigners hack into Japan's closed borders and enter the country. Equipped with special glasses and sub-machine guns, the foreigners meet with Tadao Miyazaki for a trade. However, amidst the shadows, a Komissa disguised grenade puts a halt to their activity as Public Safety Bureau's Division 01 ambushes the foreigners. Miyazaki is paralyzed and the criminals draw their arms to engage with Division 1. Two of their men are lethally eliminated by Teppei Sugo and Nobuchika Ginoza. Two of the criminals try to escape in a vehicle, however it is reduced to smithereens by Yayoi Kunizuka's explosive Destroy Decomposer. One of the foreigners is injured and knocked senseless at the wheel while the other escapes, only to be trapped by a wall of Komissa projections (which hide five security bots). He is swiftly paralyzed by Tsunemori. Under Chief Joshu Kasei's orders, Inspector Mika Shimotsuki uses a Memory Scoop on the survivor, revealing images of Shinya Kogami as a member of a guerrilla group in SEAUn. Tsunemori asks Chief Kasei for permission to travel to SEAUn in order to investigate the connection between the two and to extradite Kogami back to Japanese territory. SEAUn is in chaos, like the rest of the world, but is trying to implement Japan's Sibyl System in order to maintain peace and order. At present, it is operational in Shambala Float, where citizens are segregated into a privileged "clear Hue" minority and a "potentially clouded" majority that is treated like slaves. While many outside the city are desperate in seeking a better life within Shambala Float, some are strongly against this abusive system, most prominently the anti-government guerrilla, which Kogami assists.

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  • According to the DVD's box and ancient monuments in the film, Shambala Float is a coastal city in modern Cambodia.
  • Contrary to what is shown on the poster, Tsunemori never uses the Dominator when she wears the white Inspector's tee.
  • More details about the neutralization of the foreigners group by Division 1: Tsunemori enforces Miyazaki's first (Crime Coefficient: 178.3), Sugo lethally eliminates the first terrorist (Crime Coefficient: 310), Ginoza eliminates the second one (Crime Coefficient: 326), and the third one is eliminated by Sho Hinakawa. Inspector Shimotsuki lethally enforces the fourth one, the fifth one is injured and knocked senseless by the steering wheel of the terrorists' car when it crashes, and the last one is paralyzed by Tsunemori (Crime Coefficient: 293).
  • The decor of Kasei's office is different from Seasons One and Two.
  • While Tsunemori is in Shambala Float, she wears a white Inspector's tee instead of the usual blue jacket because, due to her investigator status, she is neutral; but like the (current) blue helmets, she must be distinguished from others. The tactical number on the garment's sleeve is still 103 with the MWPSB's logo printed on the back. 
  • When she takes joins Nicholas Wong's anti-rebel operation, Tsunemori wears her holster horizontally on her back.
  • During the attack on the guerrilla base, Desmond Rutaganda stops Shinya Kogami's blood flow with his thumb and index finger in order to capture him alive.


"At the level of the individual, violence has a detoxifying effect. It takes away the inferiority complexes and changes the contemplative and desperate attitude of native people. [sic] Violence makes them fearless and restores their dignity in their own eyes." [sic] You're not familiar with Frantz Fanon?"**"Mother... You and I are both slaves to Sibyl after all." ‒ Sakuya Togane's reply
—Desmond Rutaganda to Nicholas Wong

"You'll regret it if you don't kill me now." (Kogami)

  • "Terrifying! Unfortunately, we have some important questions to ask you." (Rutaganda)

—Shinya Kogami and Desmond Rutaganda's exchange after Kogami's capture

"One day, this System's true worth will be tested."
—Akane Tsunemori as a voice over following screen text: The world under the System is evolving.

Behind the Scenes

Poster given with theater ticket.

Chief Director: Katsuyuki Motohiro
Director: Naoyoshi Shiotani
Script writers: Gen Urobuchi and Makoto Fukami
Original Character Design: Akira Amano
Character Design: Kyoji Asano, Naoyuki Onda
Music: Yugo Kanno

Official Poster.

Japanese Voice Cast:

English Voice Cast:

Special Note: Shogo Makishima appears in the movie as Kogami's hallucination only.



『劇場版 PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス』予告編-0

Full trailer for Psycho-Pass: The Movie.

Approximate Translation

Screen Text: A future world where a person's psychological state can be scanned and quantified.
Kasei: A foreign terrorist group illegally entered our nation. And within their memory, we found the image of an Enforcer who took flight three years ago.
Screen Text: There is a Public Safety Bureau division that deals with those who are identified through this quantification.
Kasei: Permission to investigate outside our borders?
Tsunemori: Yes.
Kasei: You personally intend to enter the front?
Tsunemori: I'm prepared for it.
Screen Text: Now the world is the stage.
Kasei: The chief director of the Shambala Float is the Sibyl System.
Wong: I'm Nicholas Wong.
Tsunemori: There's no way a Psycho-Pass obtained under these conditions could give good figures!
Wong: If we don't kill them, they will kill us.
Voice: Return fire!
Voice: Target Delta identified!
Saiga: Be kept as a pet within this cage called the Sibyl System or fight in the dog-eat-dog world outside the cage. That is something that Makishima Shogo once possessed. And it is what Kogami Shinya used in the process of chasing him down.
Tsunemori: You're under arrest.


  1. Pronounced "shee-an".