Psycho-Pass Index 1

A typical Psycho-Pass reading

A Psycho-Pass is a reading of an individual's mind via cymatic scan. It shows a Crime Coefficient, a Hue, a graph of how the individual's Psycho-Pass changed over time, and the profile of the person. It is calculated by the Sibyl System. The worsening of a Psycho-Pass is taken care of through therapy sessions. But if one ignores such warnings and their Psycho-Pass is further clouded, they are declared a latent criminal.

Crime Coefficient

A person's Crime Coefficient is a numerical measure of said person's probability/propensity to commit a crime. The MWPSB uses this measurement to determine if a target is a latent criminal or otherwise. It is calculated and determined by the target's stress level (Hue) and other biological readings via cymatic scan by the Sibyl System.

With a Crime Coefficient above 100, the person becomes a latent criminal and is sent to a rehabilitation facility, isolated from all society.


Psycho-Pass Index 2

Black bars on a person's Hue show that it is clouded

A Hue is a person's stress level. Every citizen in Sibyl's database is assigned a certain color depending on the state of their Psycho-Pass. Clear colors such as light blue or pink indicate a strong and healthy Psycho-Pass. While colors such as medium green or steel blue indicate a deteriorated Psycho-Pass.

A clouded Hue is usually occurs because of stress. For example, violent urges or nervous reactions an individual may feel can cloud the Hue. The very presence of the MWPSB's Enforcers is enough to cloud someone's Hue.[1]

A Hue that is completely clear appears white, while a Hue clouded beyond recognition appears black. An example of someone with a pure white Hue would be Shogo Makishima, and anyone who is criminally asymptomatic. While someone with a black Hue would be Sakuya Togane.

Area Stress Level

Psycho-Pass Index 3

An Area Stress map showing an elevated stress level, in the advisory rating

Area Stress Level refers to the group Psycho-Pass of a particular block of the city that is overseen by Sibyl. It is calculated by taking the average Psycho-Passes of all the citizens within the block which is then represented by a number. The higher the number, the more elevated the Area Stress rating is.

Therefore, if someone with an unstable Psycho-Pass was detected by a scanner, it would raise the Area Stress Level because their Crime Coefficient is increasing the average, setting off an alarm to alert the Public Safety Bureau. Group Psycho-Pass pollution would set the Area Stress Level of a particular block in the advisory rating, indicating that there is a major crime occurring which is causing stress to the citizens, and also the latent criminals in that area have high Crime Coefficients.


A latent criminal's Crime Coefficient can be contagious. A Psycho-Hazard refers to the poisoning of another's Psycho-Pass due to the exposure of an already dangerous Psycho-Pass.


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