Psycho-Pass Extended Edition aired from July 10, 2014 as a recap of Psycho-Pass and background for the 2014 release of Psycho-Pass 2. The series cuts the original 22 episodes down to 11 one-hour (in fact, about 45 min) episodes (so, one episode of the Extended Edition comprises 2 Season 1's episodes) with new footage added alluding to events that can be found in the official novel. Generally, in each episode, there is a new scene at the beginning and another in the middle (which links the 2 Season 1's episodes).

The quality of the scenes is upgraded, with some major fixes of the bugs ‒ e.g. Episode 18 of the original edition ‒ and enhanced special effects, especially of the Dominator.

New Scenes


  • In real-life, on the day before the fourth episode was to be televised, a 16 year-old girl murdered her 15 year-old classmate in her apartment in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture by dismembering and decapitating her. The episode's broadcasts were initially cancelled soon after, due to very similar violent content in said episode.
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