My father used dismembered bodies as the subject of many of his drawings. That's because they symbolize the contradictory nature of the self. I had great respect for my father. He was aware of his obligation as an artist and continued to focus intently on using his creations to enlighten people. I think even now that he was a great artist indeed. That's why I simply can't forgive him for abandoning that duty halfway through. Yesterday, my father passed away. He's been as good as dead for a while, but finally even his heart gave in. But I'm okay. I'm not sad. I, his daughter, will carry out my father's duty together with you all. Don't you think that's wonderful? It's exciting, isn't it, Yoshika?

—Rikako Oryo to Yoshika Okubo in The Language of the Chinese Orchid

Rikako Oryo
Rikako 1
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Oryo Rikako
Kanji Name
王陵 璃華子
Date of Birth
October 7, 2094
Blood Type
Oso Academy (former)
Shogo Makishima (former)


Student (former)
Criminal (former)
Roichi Oryo (father, deceased)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
0106 Return of the Lunatic Prince
Maaya Sakamoto
Brina Palencia

Rikako Oryo is student at Oso Academy. Under the influence of Shogo Makishima, she creates cruel monuments to her father's art using the bodies of her victims.


Oryo is a tall, graceful adolescent girl with long black hair, straight bangs and amethyst colored eyes. She is almost always seen wearing her school uniform. She usually wears a calm, collected expression, but does show fear at the time of her death. 


Oryo has the typical charisma displayed by idols of all-girl academies, but her popularity is one-sided and she lacks genuine friendships. She shares the same calmness and aloofness as Makishima, though she is less mature in comparison. Beneath her veneer of grace, however, Oryo is a sinister young lady who especially likes themes of cruelty. "Titus Andronicus," by Shakespeare is a particular favorite of hers because of its depictions of cruelty and she enjoys discussing it at length.

As a painter, her favorite subject is the brutalized female body, sometimes of her victims, with missing or rearranged limbs. She is a psychopath whose artwork mimics her real life crimes. She reveres her late father's artwork and her resolve to commit crimes is based on the vengeance she wishes to exact on the Sibyl System for what she perceives as having been done to him.


PP0106 4

Makishima and Rikako have a talk about the death of Lavinia, while Rikako portrays Yoshika Okubo

Shogo Makishima

Makishima is her mentor at school and her partner in crime until he betrays her after becoming disillusioned with her.

Roichi Oryo

Oryo reveres her father and despises the society that she believes caused him to mentally and emotionally shut down. She wants to honor her father and fulfill his lifelong mission of alerting the masses to societal dangers by creating gruesome works of art from the bodies of her victims. In reality, Oryo the elder is an upright and well-behaved man who only seeks to alert the masses through his style of painting.


  • Oryo, like her father, is a skilled artist.
  • She has a Crime Coefficient of 472.3, the second-highest overall.
  • Oryo engages in a sexual affair wtih Yoshika Okubo before killing her.
  • When the disguised Choe helps her "escape" the academy, Oryo resents the fact because she could easily find bed partners there.
  • Her room has special luxuries because of massive donations from the school.
  • Her seiyuu is the real life wife of the seiyuu of Kozaburo Toma.



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