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Roundrobin is an underground gambling game which utilizes the Bifrost System to calculate odds. It is played by chosen Congressmen who use real life events and cases as the basis for their games. In online gaming, a round robin is a method of dividing winnings amongst a group of players by having the game assign, in turn, "loot" to a player or assign an "enemy corpse to loot" to a player. In Bifrost's version of Roundrobin, the "loot" may vary and the "enemy corpse to loot" could be a variety of actions taken that will effect the real world, including utter destruction and death.[1]


The format of Roundrobin is that of a high stakes round robin gambling tournament. It can be described as a gamblers' version of "Cat and Mice" or "Hunting Dogs and Foxes" with the Public Safety Bureau Inspectors and Enforcers playing the role of the hunting dogs and the members of Bifrost playing the role of the foxes.

The game utilizes the Bifrost System which oversees the computer-based gambling game that allows the players (known as Congressmen) to gamble on real world events or real law enforcement cases. The aim of the game is to win chips for oneself while denying them to other players, with the number of chips in one's cache not falling below a certain level. In addition, the players must keep the Sibyl System and its officers from discovering them. The player roles include: Dealer, Congressmen/Players, Bifrost Inspectors/Executors) and the Relation Block which varies, depending on what the dealer wishes to accomplish in real life society.

The game starts when Bifrost chooses a case which can be based on a criminal case or real life event (e.g. Gubernatorial election). The case can also be initiated by a Bifrost Inspector or by one of the Congressmen. At the start of each round, or relation, one of the Congressmen assumes the role of Dealer, who acts as the judge for the case and who has complete control over manipulating the events in the case by saying, "Judge." However, the Dealer cannot call for judgement without the other players' consent.

During the round, the players can bet or invest in stock, bet on the outcomes of events or determine the priority of events/personnel in the relation block. The Congressmen can also call on the Bifrost Inspectors (lower ranking members of their organization) to assist by having them act as observers, use them as helpers to manipulate events in their favor or use them to distract Sibyl's authorities from discovering their operation. There are assigned ranks to the Inspectors with the First Inspector additionally acting as an impartial judge to prevent the other Inspectors from abusing their power. Inspectors can also call on the First Inspector for support or to help them arrange for criminal activity designed to help them execute their duty. The outcome often determines the next relation.

At the end of the relation, whoever has the most chips becomes the Dealer for the next round. This game continues until someone's chip cache falls below a set level. The player is then susceptible to enforcement which may include them losing their wealth, their privileges or their lives. Any player who breaks the rules is subject to enforcement by Bifrost, meaning that are burned to death by a powerful force while still seated in their chair. Likewise, any Inspectors who abuse or misuse their power are also eliminated.


  • Players must stay seated for the duration of the relation. Leaving your seat outside of set times is subject to enforcement.
  • Congressmen are forbidden from over-excessive involvement or abuse of their power during the game, otherwise they are subject to enforcement.
  • Absence or any other obstructive behavior is subject to enforcement.
  • Inspectors who are discovered by Sibyl's authorities must be eliminated to prevent disclosure of information regarding Bifrost.


  • The earliest use of the name was as a disparaging nickname, along the lines of "sly dog" or "dark horse."
  • Originally a roundrobin referred to a petition or letter of protest in which the people who signed the document applied their signatures one after another in the shape of a circle, so the recipient would not know who signed the petition first. (This convention was ignored by the signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence where each member signed in order of role call to be held in equal complicity, with one exception: John Hancock who insisted that his name be so large that King George III couldn't miss it).
  • Roundrobin may also refer to a letter or document sent sequentially to a certain group of people where each person adds information to the document. If it is a perpetual round robin, each participant removes his old information when the document returns to him, and adds new information before sending the document to the next person in sequence.
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