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Sakuya Togane
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Tougane Sakuya
Kanji Name
東金 朔夜
Date of Birth
June 6, 2073 or June 6, 2086 (GEMINI ♊)
5'11" (180 cm)
145 lbs (66 kg)
Blood Type
Public Safety Bureau (former)


Enforcer (former)
Psychological Therapist (former)
Misako Togane (mother)
Hisako Azuma (aunt)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 1
Psycho-Pass 2
Anime Debut
0201 The Scales of Justice
Keiji Fujiwara
Christopher R. Sabat

Sakuya Togane (東金 朔夜 Tougane Sakuya) is an Enforcer within Division 01 of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau and although it has been erased from the official documents, he possesses the highest crime coefficient on record.[1] He is a secondary antagonist of Psycho-Pass 2.


Togane is a male of average height and a fit build in his 40's. He has gray eyes and long black hair whose bangs curl. He is typically seen wearing a black suit, white dress shirt and gray tie.[2][1]


Togane is a complex individual who appears to be consumed by his work. He is cool and calculating in his approach to all things and obsessive in his pursuits, as evidenced by his relentless collection of artifacts regarding Akane Tsunemori.[3][4] He idolizes his mother, Misako Togane, and often seems unwilling to leave her side.[5] As a subject of scientific research, he displays traits associated with sadism.[6]

Personal Background

  • In 2073, Sakuya is "created" as part of an experiment by Misako Togane, who seeks to artificially create a criminally asymtomatic being. Her early attempts are failures, but Sakuya is announced to be a successful outcome despite the opposite being true.
  • In June 2083, at age 10, he receives a health check by the Ministry of Welfare and it is discovered that his crime coefficient is 769, the highest ever recorded.[7]
  • Misako conceals his past records in order to make him eligible for entry into the Public Safety Bureau, where he works under Joshu Kasei and herself (as members of the Sibyl System).
  • During his tenure as Enforcer, several operations take place during which his supervisory Inspectors all experience a rise in their crime coefficients to read at over 300, licensing Togane to use his Dominator in Lethal Eliminator mode. These operations occur in October 2096, April 2097, February 2098, November 2098, and July 2099.[7]

Early Life

Birthplace: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku


March 2080 ‒ Enters private primary school with home schooling
October 2088 ‒ Finishes middle school
August 2091 ‒ Graduates high school[7]

Work History

June 2083 ‒ Receives health check for ten-year-old children at the Ministry of Welfare and is judged a latent criminal and is sent to Hikari no Sono, a rehabilitation center in Tama
July 2096 ‒ Released from the center as rehabilitated
September 2096 ‒ Assigned to Division 01 as an Enforcer
August 2099 ‒ Dismissed from his position as an Enforcer, recommitted to Hikari no Sono rehabilitation center[7]


February 2093 ‒ Achieves Therapist License Level I[7]


Akane Tsunemori

At first, he appears to respect Tsunemori's beliefs and matches Shinya Kogami in attitude and body build. He even smokes Spinel cigarettes[2]. It is later learned that he obsesses over Tsunemori's clear hue and ever-low crime coefficient.[3][4] Over time, it is revealed that his goal is to darken Tsunemori's hue to black, just as he has done with other Inspectors.[4]

Misako Togane

Misako is Togane's mother whom he respects and to whom he is devoted, believing he must cloud Tsunemori's hue so Misako can shine brighter.


  • Togane's ID as an Enforcer is 00475-AECE-45024-2.[3]
  • He is designated as Hound 3 as an Enforcer.[4]
  • His email address is[3]
  • The Togane family is wealthy.[8]
  • His Crime Coefficient is 769 at age 10,[7] 769.8 when Kirito Kamui judges him,[9] and 899 at the time of his death.[5]
  • He is designated "Experiment 0398" in Misako Togane's research,[6] later named Sakuya in reflection of the numbers 3 (sa), 9 (ku) and 8 (ya)
  • He reacts harshly when he discovers the destroyed remains of the Kasei outside Sibyl's core.[5]
  • Eyesight: Both eyes 1.5
  • His 50m running time is 6.32 seconds.
  • He is good at wrestling and bouldering.
  • His hobby is observing living creatures.
  • His favorite expression is "Everything you can imagine is real."
  • The favorite item in his room is a set of tea clippers as objet d'art
  • His favorite food is Sauté de Foie Gras  and disliked food is Kaiware sprouts.
  • His strength is persistence, while his weakness is his dependence on his mother.
  • What he desires is time with his mother.
  • Initially, directors planned to make him homosexual.[10].
  • He sleeps approximately 4-5 hours per night.
  • His motto is "Everything is for mother's sake."
  • His favorite author is Bertrand Russell.
  • His favorite book and the reason he likes it: "Analysis of Mind" (1921) because he finds the presented paradox interesting.



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