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Shion Karanomori
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Karanomori Shion
Kanji Name
唐之杜 志恩
Date of Birth
May 25, 2085
5'6" (168 cm)
Blood Type
Public Safety Bureau (former)


Physician (former)
Takuma Karanomori (older brother)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 2
Inspector Akane Tsunemori
Anime Debut
0102 Those Capable
Miyuki Sawashiro
Lydia Mackay

Shion Karanomori (唐之杜 志恩 Karanomori Shion) is an Analyst within Division 01 of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau.


Karanomori is a female of average height and a curvaceous build with a pale complexion. She has brown eyes and wavy black hair dyed blonde, extending past her shoulders with center-parted bangs. She is typically seen wearing a white lab coat over a tightly fitted red outfit and frilled black bra. She wears a golden necklace and red lipstick at all times.


Karanomori is a glamorous sort of woman. She is quite sluggish and hates the Public Safety Bureau because she thinks they overwork her.[1] When it comes to her job, however, Karanomori is serious, helpful and knowledgeable. She has a sympathetic side, as shown during her private conversations with Akane Tsunemori[2] and Yayoi Kunizuka[3], and a playful side, as seen when she teases Kunizuka and Arata Shindo.

Personal Background

Emergency Contact Information

Meguro-ku, Yuutenji Minami A-36-8
Takuma Karanomori (relation: brother)


March 2101 – Graduates secondary education from Research Institute Laboratory School
April 2101 – Enters Toyama Higher Education, Faculty of Science and Technology, Major in Life Science
March 2105 – Graduates from Toyama Higher Education, Faculty of Science and Technology, Major in Life Science
April 2105 – Enters Tokyo Medical School
June 2106 – Leaves Tokyo Medical School due to deteriorating Psycho-Pass

The university system no longer exists, but those who need a professional license (e.g. a physician) must continue their education in specialized schools for two additional years. Karanomori attends Tokyo Medical School after graduation but her skill as a physician is quickly recognized as exceptional. She passes the National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Examination after only a year of study and earns her license. In her required second year, her long, unstable Psycho-Pass worsens.

Work History

June 2106 – Enters Rehabilitation Center in Tama district
July 2106 – Leaves Rehabilitation Center in Tama district
August 2106 – Assigns as an Analyst for PSB's Analytical Laboratory

Karanomori decides to join the PSB upon the advice of a teacher who cares about her future.


February 2106 – Achieves Medical License ID is 00475-AEUW-06859-3


Yayoi Kunizuka

Karanomori and Kunizuka have a lasting, romantic relationship. The two are often seen together and know each other quite well.[1][4][3][5] As Karanomori is bisexual and frequently flirts with Kogami, Kunizuka often feels insecure, doubting whether they can be together for long.[6]

When Kunizuka joins to Division 01, her ex-girlfriend Rina, out of revenge for joining the PSB, sends their sex video to the CID where it is seized by Karanomori. Shion deletes the video and notifies Yayoi. Four days later, they begin a sexual relationship.[6] When Rina's criminal activities are noticed again by the PSB, Division 01 and Karanomori begin an investigation, during which Karanomori is stabbed with a knife. She then sends a short message saying, “Whoever hears me, know that Karanomori Shion loves Kunizuka Yayoi until death.” After the situation is under control, she hugs Kunizuka and says she loves her.[7]

Shion and Yayoi at the end of First Inspector

After Kunizuka leaves the Bureau, she and Karanomori are out of touch for a long time. However, when Kunizuka is recruited to help with the Bifrost investigation, they willingly spend time together.[8] Karanomori often expresses concern when Kunizuka gord on dangerous missions with Division 01.[9]

During the NONA Tower attack, Karanomori says that when she returns to society, she wants to eat something good and go for walks with her beloved.[10]. At the end of the eiga, after Karanomori is no longer a latent criminal, she and Kunizuka decide to live together.[11]

Shinya Kogami

Although being in a relationship with Kunizuka, Karanomori often flirts with others, especially Kogami whom she calls, "sweetie" or "sweetheart," on occasion.

Akane Tsunemori

The two maintain a friendly, but professional, relationship. Tsunemori often relies on Karanomori's expertise during investigations.

Nobuchika Ginoza

The two manage a friendly, but professional, relationship. When Karanomori asks Ginoza to go shopping with her, he looks unhappy and groans, "Not again!" and in return, is lectured that she can't be received well by others when he behaves this way. [12]


  • Her ID as an Analyst is 00475-AEUW-06859-3.
  • Her code name is LABO.
  • Her strength is her technique.
  • She sleeps around eight hours per day.
  • She doesn't have a favorite author because she only reads fashion and beauty magazines.
  • Her favorite books are cosmetic and fashion catalogs.
  • Being a latent criminal, Karanomori cannot leave the premises of the NONA Tower without an Inspector supervising.
    • As such, she often asks Ginoza to accompany her when shopping.
  • She smokes cigarettes.[1][13][14]
  • She and Kunizuka wear the same perfume called "Ombre Rose," which is also her favorite room item.
  • Her favorite food is meat; her least favorite is melon.
  • Her motto is "Believe your instinct."
  • Her favorite word is "makeshift."
  • Her hobbies, weakness and weight are "confidential."
  • Her measurements in cm are B91-W59-H87.
  • Tsunemori's first impression of Karanomori is that she must have gone through some plastic surgeries or artificial organ implantation because she is too beautiful and her body is too perfect. After a closer look, Tsunemori realizes Karanomori's assets seem genuine and even if surgeries had been done, they would have been minor.[15]
  • When Karanomori finds a little girl who is searching for her father, she and Kogami assume that Ginoza is her father when the girl tells them that her father has "eyeglasses" ("megane") or "maekami" that sounds like "maegami" ("bangs").[16]
  • The name Shion means "will, purpose" (志) (shi) and "favor" (恩) (on).
  • The surname Karanomori can mean "tang dynasty" (唐kara), "this" (之) (no) and "forest" (杜) (mori).



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