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First Guardian
Case.2 First Guardian.png
Kanji PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス SS (Sinners of the System) Case.2「First Guardian」
Rōmaji Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case.2 - First Guardian
Air date Febuary 15, 2019
Opening Abnormalize
Ending All Alone With You
Crime and Punishment
In the Realm Beyond

Note: Chronologically, Case 2 precedes Case 1

Case.2 - First Guardian is the second installment of the Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System trilogy. The release date was February 15, 2019. The movie focuses on Tomomi Masaoka and Teppei Sugo, especially on the latter's time in the military before coming to work in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau. Risa Aoyanagi is also a prominent cast member.


It's Summer in Okinawa, 2112, and Teppei Sugo is a pilot taking part in military operations of the 15th joint task force of the National Defense Forces. Three months later, an unmanned armed drone attacks the Ministry of Defense building. In order to investigate the case, Tomomi Masaoka, an Enforcer within the Criminal Investigation Department's Division 01 of the Public Safety Bureau, goes to the National Defense military base and, with the assistance of Inspector Risa Aoyanagi and military pilot Sugo, uncovers the truth behind the case.


Two months after the mission to Shambala Float, Frederica Hanashiro is introduced by Akane Tsunemori to the members of Division 01. Hanashiro is the liaison to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Operations Department and has come to observe CID investigation methods and to tell Tsunemori that her department must be involved whenever a case moves overseas. Later, Hanashiro approaches Teppei Sugo in the gym, asking if he would like to join one of two new teams. If he does, his limitations as an Enforcer will be lifted. He refuses, much to her dismay. His loyalty to the Criminal Investigation Department is explained in the ensusing back story.


Skip scene to Okinawa, where two fighter drones take part in the military operations of the 15th Joint Task Force of the National Defense Forces. Sugo is an ace drone pilot called First Guardian and is used as an eye-in-the-sky and air support for ground squads of marines. Itsuki Otomo, known as Second Guardian, flies in a second drone beside him. Their ground liaison is Itsuki's wife, Rin Otomo (hereafter referred to as Rin). The trio is a close military "family." Back on the ground following successful maneuvers, the entire flight team gathers to socialize. Rin tells the group that she will now be working as a Military Systems Engineer because her previous position as Electronics Warfare Operator is causing her hue to become cloudy. Everyone applauds. Later that evening, Sugo and Otomo spar to work off tension and take prescriptive medications to stay calm and focused. After their bout, Otomo shows Sugo a sparring bot he's developed just in case he dies in a mission, calling it "insurance" to protect Rin.

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Sugo's character first appears in Psycho-Pass 2, but not much is learned about him. This second part of the Psycho-Pass film trilogy explores the events that transform Sugo from being a respected military officer into a latent criminal and eventual Enforcer for the Ministry of Welfare's Public Safety Bureau. The story also explores the role of the military in the dystopian future of Psycho-Pass.


Aside from Sugo's story, First Guardian also spends time on the detectives Aoyanagi and Masaoka. Like Sugo, Aoyanagi is a prominent supporting character in Season 2, but without extensive character development. In Season 2, she is seen as a broken woman who is ultimately killed by the villain Kirito Kamui to see if a Dominator can be used on fellow officers. It's a tragic and brutal death made more so once we learn more about her in this film. In First Guardian, we see that she is intelligent and kind, treating her Enforcer, the much older Masaoka, with respect. Her attitude and ethics help Sugo become an Enforcer and eventually join the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau. The twist of fate is that this union of forces is what gets her killed, as Sugo unknowingly becomes her executioner.


The film also allows the audience to see more of Masaoka prior to his meeting Akane Tsunemori. We see him working with someone he views as an equal rather than someone he needs to mentor. We also learn about his family, namely the condition of his wife, Sae Ginoza, and his interactions with Nobuchika Ginoza, his son. The film even contains a teaser in the framing device, when a member of the Department of Defense tries to recruit Sugo with a promise of unobstructed freedom if he joins her unit.


Given when Crime and Punishment takes place, the audience knows his answer, but it's also clear she won't take no for an answer.[1]

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