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Psycho-Pass Season 3 is the third season of the Psycho-Pass series. It features two new Inspectors at the Public Safety Bureau: Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov.


Psycho-Pass 3 follows two new rookies trying to understand the Sibyl System and seek the truth in the ever changing world of Psycho-Pass. (Source: Crunchyroll)

Behind the Scenes

  • Director: Naoyoshi Shioya
  • Series composition: Ukatakatacho
  • Screenplay: Shin Fukami, Ninghocho, Ryo Yoshikami
  • Character draft: Akira Amano
  • Character design and general drawing director: Naoyuki Onda
  • Color design: Suzuki Machiko
  • Art Director: Shuichi Kusamori
  • 3D Director: Kazuya Oya
  • Director of Photography: Sakiko Murai
  • Shooting visual effects: Eiji Arai
  • Editor: Yoshinori Murakami
  • Music: Yugo Kanno
  • Acoustic director: Miwa Iwanami


Public Safety Bureau Unit One


Foreign Affairs Operations Department

Other Characters


Episode No. Episode Title Original Air Date English Air Date
01 Laelaps' Calling October 24, 2019
02 Teumessian Sacrifices October 31, 2019
03 Herakles and the Sirens November 7, 2019
04 Political Strife in the Colosseum November 14, 2019
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