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Teppei Sugo
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Sugou Teppei
Kanji Name
須郷 徹平
Date of Birth
May 22, 2090
5'11" (180 cm)
151 lbs (68.8 kg)
Blood Type
MFA Operations Department - Suppressing Action Department

Public Safety Bureau (former)



Enforcer (former)
Drone Factory worker (former)
Ace Military Drone Pilot (former)
Masumi Sugo (sister)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Chapter 1
Psycho-Pass 2
Anime Debut
0201 The Scales of Justice
Hiroki Tochi
Mike McFarland

Teppei Sugo (須郷 徹平 Sugou Teppei) is a Special Investigator within the Foreign Affairs Operations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His career spans work in several different industries including the military, a drone factory where Kirito Kamui executes his killing spree in order to collect Dominators as well as with the Public Safety Bureau as an Enforcer in both Division 01 and Division 02 after being identified as a latent criminal by the Sibyl System.


Sugo is a male of taller than average height and a muscular build from his 20's to his 30's. He has brown eyes and short black hair. As an Enforcer, he is typically seen in a black suit, white dress shirt and black tie. He oftimes wears his suit jacket unbuttoned and a green overcoat with black trim. Most of his clothes appear slightly too big for him. In Psycho-Pass 3, he wears a black suit, white dress shirt and blue tie. He can also be seen wearing a black jacket with the logo of the MFA Operations Department. In the past, while working for the Ministry of Defense, he typically dressed in a green military overall or a green t-shirt, khaki green pants and heavy lace-up boots. In contrast to his current hairstyle, he had spiky black hair, now slicked back with hair gel, with two small bangs framing his forehead.


He appears to be a gentle and soft-spoken man, though devoted to duty and fully capable of executing military orders. He cares about his colleagues, as seen when he selflessly shields Inspector Mizue Shisui and Enforcer Akira Yamatoya from an explosion set off by Akira Kitazawa, an act which nearly costs him his life and leaves him injured for days. He has also shielded Nobuchika Ginoza while they work for the MFA.

The eiga First Guardian provides further insight into his personality. At the beginning, he is seen as a content young man among his comrades, who respect and trust him. After the workday, he usually spars with his best friend, Itsuki Otomo. During an operation, he is ordered to drop supplies to his squad on the ground before returning to headquarters. Unable to protect his comrades from the air due to insufficient ammunition, he drops the supplies and returns to base. The supplies, however, turn out to be VX gas, a chemical weapon intended to eliminate the enemy, though it also kills the squad and Otomo, who parachutes to the ground after his drone is shot down. After Sugo learns that he is the one who dropped the weapon, his Crime Coefficient rises and and his hue clouds over because of his distress.

His lack of regard for his own safety and well-being may be fueled by the guilt he bears over the inadvertent death of his squad as well as the death of Inspector Risa Aoyanagi, as it was he who fired the ill-fated killshot. In Psycho-Pass 3, he is shown to be a competent Special Investigator with sharp instincts, physical prowess and mental fortitude.

Personal Background


Tokyo-to, Shin-Chiyoda-ku, Kasumigaseki, 2-1-B, MWPSB

Emergency Contact Information

Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Otowa, 3-4
Masumi Sugo (relation: elder sister)


March 2107 – Graduates from Edogawa Municipal Daini Junior High School
April 2107 – Enters Tokyo Metropolitan Nakano High School, Faculty of Information Engineering, Major in Communication
March 2111 – Graduates from Tokyo Metropolitan Nakano High School, Faculty Of Information Engineering, Major in Communication

Work History

April 2111 – Enters Ministry of Defense; Assigned to Navy Drones Unit of National Borders Defense System
November 2112 – Transfers to Drones Development Division of the same unit
May 2113 – Resigns due to Psycho-Pass deterioration; Confined to Adachi Municipal Psycho-Pass Correction and Medical Care Center
November 2113 – Released from Adachi Municipal Psycho-Pass Correction and Medical Care Center
December 2113 – Assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department, Division 02 as an Enforcer
November 2114 – Transfers to Division 01 of the CID
2120 - Becomes a Special investigator within the MFA Operations Department - Suppressing Action Department.


March 2113 – Obtains Driving License Type 1 for Regular Automobiles
October 2111 – Obtains Special Driving License for Large-sized Military Drones of Ministry of Defense; Obtains Information Security Specialist License
January 2112 – Obtains Driving License for Special Large-sized Automobiles
March 2112 – Obtains Officer of Security and Management of A-grade Gunpowder


Nobuchika Ginoza

After Sugo mistakenly kills Aoyanagi with the Assault Dominator provided by Division 03, he goes to Ginoza to apologize. Ginoza understands his feelings but doesn't want to see him[1]. During the incident at the Drone Factory, Sugo thanks Ginoza for saving his life from the hacked drones[2]. Later, Sugo uses the Assault Dominator to paralyze Shisui, who has endured many The Dominator#Non-Lethal Paralyzer blasts from the other Enforcers. Ginoza is relieved at Sugo's arrival, albeit late. They form an understanding at that point and, henceforth, get along well[3]. In Psycho Pass 3, they are seen as colleagues who support and protect one another as Special Investigators for the MFA Operations Department's Suppressing Action Department.

Risa Aoyanagi

He and Aoyanagi meet while he is under suspicion of being an accomplice to the drone attacks in First Guardian. Sugo is surprised how friendly and respectful she treats Enforcer Tomomi Masaoka. He, himself, becomes an Enforcer of Division 02, with Aoyanagi as his boss. Sugo likes working for her and worries when she enters the Therapeutic Clinic alone, after she receives a suspicious call. Unfortunately, he accidentally shoots her when he aims blindly for the person with the highest Psycho-Pass.[4] After this incident, his willingness to do whatever it takes to protect others expands to self-sacrifice, if required, as penance.[2]

Tomomi Masaoka

He and Masaoka meet at the same time as his meeting Aoyanagi. Their relationship starts out tense, as Masaoka suspects him when he questions Rin Otomo. Throughout the case, however, their relationship shifts to one of trust and respect. Masaoka demonstrates that Enforcers are not bad people and that they can enjoy life under restrictions. Sugo demonstrates his honesty and concern for justice. In the end, Masaoka tells him to focus on therapy and, if his Psycho-Pass doesn't improve, encourages him to join law enforcement. Sadly, by the time Sugo becomes an Enforcer, Masaoka is deceased.[5]

Itsuki Otomo

Otomo is Sugo's best friend and is called Second Guardian while Sugo is called First Guardian. They often spar together, though Otomo usually has the upper hand. He installs his skills on a sparring robot and tells Sugo to treat the robot like himself in case he dies. He also entrusts Sugo with the fact that his wife, Rin, is pregnant just before leaving on his fatal mission. Sugo defends his friend when he comes under suspicion during the investigation, thus convincing Aoyanagi and Masaoka of his innocence. When Sugo meets the Otomo-sparring bot, he manages to beat him and learns the truth about Operation Foot Stamp with data left behind by Otomo and Rin.[5]

Rin Otomo

Sugo knows Rin a long time and often spends time with her and Otomo. He is also one of the few people who knows that the reason Rin leaves the unit is due to her hidden pregnancy, in addition to her clouding hue. When Otomo goes missing, Sugo tells her about the operation and confesses his actions, but when he offers to help, Rin slaps him for not going after Otomo despite orders to the contrary. After Rin is forced to re-join the military, she is killed in front of Sugo by the military. He cradles her dead body and weeps for having lost yet another dear person to him.[5]


  • His ID as an Enforcer is 00475-AESY-56982-2.
  • He is designated as Chips 1, as an Enforcer.[2]
  • He excels in karate and soccer.
  • He meditates and exercises his muscles in his spare time.
  • He sleeps for six hours.
  • He resembles Gamma from the manga/anime Katekyo Hitman REBORN! since they share the same character designer.
  • His eyesight in both eyes is 2.0.
  • His 5.0m running time is 6.50 seconds.
  • His favorite expression is "Clear and serene as a polished mirror and still water."
  • The most favorite item in his room is a corner in Japanese style, with a real tatami laid out. 
  • His favorite food is katsu-don (pork cutlet over rice) and least favorite is Ikura-don (salted salmon roe over rice).
  • His greatest strengths are his military knowledge and piloting skills.
  • His weakness is that he doesn’t keep in step with fashion trends.
  • He wishes he had a new type of sandbag made of artificial muscles material.
  • His motto is, "Indomitable perseverance."
  • His favorite author is Shiba Ryoutarou.
  • His favorite book is 坂の上の雲』/ Saka no Ue no Kumo/ "Cloud (or Clouds) Over the Slope" because he likes the Akiyama brothers.
  • When he first joins Division 01, he's surprised by the attitude of the Inspectors.
  • He has a fond memory of a drinking contest with Enforcer Akira Yamatoya while a member of Division 02.
  • His favorite type of girl is someone that loves him [6]



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