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Toko Kirino
Vital statistics
Romaji Name
Kirino Toko
Kanji Name
桐野 瞳子
Date of Birth
Blood Type


Student (former)
Abele Altoromagi (father)
First appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Kaori Nazuka

Toko Kirino (桐野 瞳子 Kirino Tōko) is a student at Oso Academy and a witness in the Specimen Case. She is a Japanese citizen of half-Japanese, half-Italian background.


Kirino is an adolescent female of average height and weight. She has hazel eyes and long black hair (with bangs) in which she takes great pride. She is typically seen in her Oso Academy uniform.


She dislikes being imprisoned all day at school, so she secretly takes walks and is later scolded for breaking the rules. She is interested in photography.

Personal Background

  • At age five, Kirino is introduced to Kozaburo Toma by her father, Abele Altoromagi, an Italian human rights lawyer who believes he is rescuing the 14-year-old boy from isolation without realizing that Toma has killed both his mother and his sister (named Princess).
  • Toma asks Kirino to be his new "Princess" and his insanity deepens.
  • Years later, Kirino enters Oso Academy where both Toma and Shogo Makishima are working as teachers. Makishima is grooming Rikako Oryo, another Oso Academy student, to be a brutal murderer using the same modus operandi as Toma used years ago -- dissection, plastination and public display.
  • Kirino has a crush on Toma because she dreams of him asking her to be his princess when, in reality, it is a long-forgotten memory.
  • Toma kills Altoromagi in a delusional rage, believing that the lawyer is the "evil wizard" who wanted to separate him and Princess long ago.
  • When Altoromagi's corpse is discoverd, Toma recalls Kirino, now a teen, as the girl he once asked to be his replacement Princess and becomes obsessed with the idea. Sasayama grows wise to the delusion and tells Kirino to go to the Public Safety Bureau to avoid death.
  • However, Kirino is eventually captured by Makishima and his subordinates who give her an injection. She is later found by the CID with brain damage, unable to communicate and the Specimen Case is closed by Bureau Chief Joshu Kasei.


Kozaburo Toma

Toma is a criminally asymptomatic individual who murders his mother, his sister, a National Diet member and Abele Altoromagi over time. Kirino has a crush on the adult Toma who is a Social Studies teacher at Oso Academy. She dreams of him asking her to be his princess which is, in fact, a long-forgotten memory of a misinterpreted question. Toma kills her father and displays the mutilated body in a plastination state following the murder of a local politician and the long-dead body of his sister "Princess" in similar fashion. Because of his criminally asymptomatic condition, he is eventually absorbed into the Sibyl System.

Abele Altoromagi-Kirino

Abele is Toko's father. He is a human rights lawyer and heads the charitable organization that eventually "rescues" the then 14 year old Toma. He is later killed by the adult Toma in a delusional rage, becoming the third victim of the Specimen Case.

Mitsuru Sasayama

Because Kirino reminds him of his deceased sister, Mari Sasayama, Sasayama feels overly protective towards her which results in him having to withdraw from the case. Toma's growing obsession with Kirino pushes Sasayama to tell her to seek safety with the PSB, thus saving her life. Kirino, however, dislikes Sasayama's rude attitude because nobody has ever been impolite to her before.


  • The name Toko can mean "pupil of the eye" (瞳 to) and "child" (子 ko).
  • The surname Kirino can mean "fog" (桐 kiri) and "field, wilderness" (野 no).
  • After marrying and becoming a Japanese citizen, Abele Altoromagi changes his surname to Kirino ‒ the surname of his wife, which their daughter also uses.